April 2017


Wednesday Writing Wrap-Up #1

As many of you know, I’ve been doing a lot of freelance work around the internet these days! Each Wednesday, I want to highlight a few of my pieces that have been published in the recent weeks! Here’s the Wednesday Writing Wrap-Up for this week: 20 Gift Ideas for the Taurus Woman – I’m a


30x30: Fun Advice for a 30th Birthday 

  April 22, 2017 = my 30th birthday. What? Somehow time keeps passing and you reach a new decade. On my 30th birthday, I thought about how much has come to pass since my 20th birthday. College, people, some light travel, decisions, experiences, jobs — you name it. I ran the gamut. I really can’t



I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs lately that write a monthly wrap-up post of sorts, so this is my first attempt!  Read on for some things that I thought were fantastic during the month of March 2017! Health & Beauty In case you didn’t know, I love bath bombs. Recently I tried a

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