Weekend Road Trip to Millikin University

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Whenever there’s a chance for me to head back to my alma mater for a bit, I’ll always take the opportunity. As a lover of rarely done musical theatre, I try to get to campus whenever they’re doing a show that I’ve never seen or a show that I’m dying to do myself. When I noticed that Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre (the entirely student-run theatre) on campus was doing a show I was curious about, I knew it was time for a trip. The show I was wanting to see, LIZZIE, was new-ish (to me), dark, and haunting. Totally appropriate for a fall trip to Millikin!

Millikin University in the fall is really something to see. Whenever I think back on my time there as a student, days in the fall always pop up to the forefront of my mind. All of the leaves & trees, Homecoming, Fall Family Weekend, and the sun setting right over Perkinson Music Center are just a few of my favorite memories. The beautiful brick architecture always created such a stunning backdrop for changing leaves and beautiful sunsets. There really was nothing better than a fall day on campus at Millikin. Even though it’s been about 8 years since I’ve graduated, my opinion remains the same.

While we were all there primarily to see a show, we definitely took the opportunity to see some of the big changes that have been happening on campus in recent months. Checking out the new green spaces on campus where dorms used to be and seeing the new University Commons and Library building was high on my list. Seriously, this new building was kind of EVERYTHING. The old library was straight out of the 1970’s, but functional as you can imagine. I really enjoyed this new building with offices, conferences rooms, and also the library.



Omg! Look where I am! I’m in Millikin’s newest building and I can’t keep it together. It’s so shiny and fresh!

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Fancy bookshelves!


No trip to Millikin is complete until you visit the Bronze Man in the center of campus!








We got into the Old Gym because it was unlocked and had to pose for a picture on Spot #2! The prop room was open as well, so it was super cool to peek around at some old set pieces and goodies.

Not to mention all these cool little landmark spots that are popping up around campus!

And if you’re visiting the Millikin University campus, it’s always a good idea to drive around a bit and see some of the new businesses that have opened around campus and in the nearby downtown area.

You can’t ever forget to swing by Mi Pueblito for margaritas and Mexican food. Particularly for margaritas like this one.

After gallivanting and dinner, it was time for the show. Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre is a theatre that’s entirely run by students. We’re talking about directors, development, marketing, production – it’s all students! Needless to say, I was pretty encouraged to see students heading up a venture like this one! We took our seats for LIZZIE and were prepared for a full-on rock concert style show. That score is hard to sing, particularly for voices that are still young, so I was pretty impressed.

After the show, we literally hopped right back in the car towards Indianapolis. A short day trip, but always fun with these guys! Crisp, quick, and a fun way to wrap up this Halloweekend!

Tell me in the comments: Do you ever visit your old college campus? For sports, shows, or other events?






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    It looks like you had so much fun! I haven’t been back to my college campus since I graduated hahaha you have inspired me to go back and relive the good ol’ days! TY<3

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