Ten Reasons Why Cash is Always a Good Gift

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Cash Gift

Some people say giving cash as a gift is tacky or shows a lack of effort. I wholeheartedly disagree. The saying “cash is king” is relevant in so many ways and it definitely applies when it comes to giving and receiving cash. Cold hard cash may not sound like the best gift in the world – that phrase seems harsh and not “gift-y” to me – but don’t give that cash money a bad wrap. It’s an easy gift to give & receive after all. Disclaimer: If you’re looking to give me a gift, almost always, I will ask for cash. I may ask for something that relates to a trip or a goal I may have. No shame in this game. Read on for my 10 reasons why cash is always a good gift!

Rarely Returned
Why would you return a cash gift? You could certainly find a use for it! Pay a bill, buy that new couch, buy that fancy gym membership – whatever! You can find a way to spend the money and use that gift.

Always the Right Size & Color
Seriously. Green little paper bills are always the right size and color. Forget worrying about what size someone wears or if they’ll like the fit, shove some crispy Ben Franklins in the envelope and call it a day!

Allows the Receiver to Purchase Something They Want
It’s likely that people you buy gifts for are actively saving for something. Maybe it’s a new designer bag, a fancy cruise, a new car – whatever. Write them a nice card acknowledging that they are saving for something fun (i.e.: “Put this towards that new Louis Vuitton bag you’ve been eyeing.”), throw cash in the card, and deliver accordingly. They get what they want and you can still feel good about gifting!

Saves Everyone Time
Forget taking the time to think about what you might buy as a gift, going to the store to buy something, taking the time to wrap, and so on. Nor does the receiver have to take time out of their day to return the gift if they don’t like it. Or if you realize you forgot to get a gift for someone last minute, this is an easy choice! Cash is so much simpler. Put the cash in any card or envelope and the deed is done!

There’s No Fine Print
Cash is cash – it spends anywhere. Cash never expires. Many times if you have a gift with a receipt, there are specific return policies that you may have to follow. If you put the money on a prepaid gift card, that card may lose value if it isn’t used in a certain amount of time or any other bunch of silly rules that those things have. Go to the ATM and just give the cash instead.

Less Waste
If you give someone a gift that they won’t use, that’s a waste of time and energy, as well as your money. Also, the packaging is wasteful if you think about it. Giving the gift of cash can be put in a paper envelope – that’s recyclable! So, technically, cash gifts create less waste!

Kids LOVE Getting Cash
Kids love getting cash in the mail or at a birthday party! You may only be giving them $5, but they see it as if it were a million bucks – particularly if they are young! I’m also a big pusher of gifting cash to a child’s 529 or other educational savings account. Fewer toys, fewer hassles, and more fun for everyone.

Easy to Transport
Don’t worry about transporting bulky boxes or bags from the store, to the car, or to the party location. Cash doesn’t require a box or fancy wrapping paper either.

Cash is a Choice
Gifting cash is a choice, obviously. However, gifting cash gives your receiver a choice as well. You may not know the fine details of their life, but with cash, you give them a choice to buy something they’d like or use instead.

It’s Straightforward
Cash is what it is. It’s money to spend. You may question why Grandma bought you some strange antique vase and think about the fastest way to pass that vase off. Cash doesn’t leave you as a gifter or receiver questioning what you’ll do with it. Cash is for spending or saving – simple as that.

Since cash is so easy to gift, I wish people would do it more often. That said, I know how much fun it can be to seek out the perfect gift for someone. As always, give what you can and what you think is best for the recipient. And, if you feel like sending me a gift this holiday season…you know what to send me and where to find me!

Happy Gifting Season!

Do you like giving cash as a gift? Why or why not?

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  1. // Reply

    My nieces and nephew change their minds a million times at Christmas and I’ve been “burned” before having to return gifts so this is a great alternative!

  2. // Reply

    I personally love to give cash as gifts, for some of the reasons you listed. I’m also not the best at buying gifts in advance so giving cash saves my butt every time… I’ve never had a complaint either lol

  3. // Reply

    I would rather get a gift card than cash, but it has to be the right gift card. I like the gift card to be for some splurge that I might not have done, like movie theater or a good restaurant. On the other hand, sometimes I get gift cards that I hate. Cards to the places on the other of side of town, or stores I just don’t care about.
    You are right about cash being good. I’m never disappointed, and I always use it. Never got the tacky thing either.

    1. // Reply

      I think some people consider it tacky because it isn’t creative or may imply that you didn’t put much thought into the gift. However, it gives the receiver the creativity and flexibility to use it as they wish. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. // Reply

    My mom loves it when she asks what the boys want for gifts and I say you can just send a card with money. It’s the easiest thing for her to mail and the boys love having more money in their bank accounts or a little spending money.

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