December 2017


Blogger Secret Santa

We all know that I love giving gifts! That’s not a secret! When the opportunity arose to take part in a Blogger Secret Santa exchange, I was all about it! Plus, I’m always looking for new blogging pals and this was a perfect chance to do that! I’ve always been a lover of Secret Santa


Wine Gifts

Raise your hand if you’re all done shopping? Every other year, I’d say yes. This year, I’m so behind. Raise your hand if your gifts are all wrapped up too? Ha. Not yet. Normally, I’m the most “on it” Christmas shopper, not this year. I’m slacking. Too much work (YAY!) and so little time (…blaaaargh…) makes Kelsee



  My favorite word is NO. No. No. No. No. Just a simple no accomplishes so so much. With all of the insanity that happens during the holidays, it is so easy to bite off more than you can chew. In fact, it’s almost expected of you to be overwhelmed. Nope, I don’t play that


Work at Home Gifts

Since I’ve spent a lot of time working from home over the past several months, there are lots of things that I could recommend make someone’s day! When you get up in the morning and sit down to work at home, there are so many things that could make your day easier! I’ve been reading



I seriously don’t know where November went. I went right into Yuletide and all the time for myself went out the door. I’m excited to be watching the show (on the monitor) right now and typing up this post for all of you. I’m surrounded by some pretty glamorous costumes and fancy sounds of the

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