10+ Gifts for the Work-at-Home People in Your Life

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Work at Home Gifts

Since I’ve spent a lot of time working from home over the past several months, there are lots of things that I could recommend make someone’s day! When you get up in the morning and sit down to work at home, there are so many things that could make your day easier! I’ve been reading what other bloggers and freelancers have put in their gift guides, but I had to put my own spin on this list. So, if you have someone in your life who works from home, consider one of these gifts to brighten their long at-home work days!


Good Stash of Cold Brew Coffee

Think about it: If you work at home, you may have already had a cup of coffee or two in the AM, but when the afternoon hits, you might want a little something else! A good jug or two of cold brew coffee makes that afternoon pick me up that much simpler!


Kitchen Safe

Seriously. Not snacking between projects or you know, whenever the mood strikes, can be tricky. So, this would be awesome for when the temptation strikes. Another way to stop that mindless snacking while working, too. Just sayin’.


Good Blender

I know I’m not alone on this, but you know those days when you just CAN NOT cook? That’s often me, so I just throw some peanut butter, almond milk, fruit & veggies in my blender to make something happen. When you have a good blender, you can make that smoothie and get right back to what you’re working on.


Solid leggings, yoga pants, or pajama jeans

Sometimes you need to wear pants when you’re working from home, other days…maybe not. However, sometimes making yourself look a little more put together when you’re working from home can do a lot for your productivity. So some solid leggings, yoga pants, or even these “pajama jeans” are a great option.


Marked Water Bottle or Mug

Getting all of your water in is tough no matter who you are. One of these marked cups can help keep you in line while you are working from home.


Maid Services
In Indy? Deluxe Maid
I’ll say it again – this is the best gift you can give to just about anyone, who cares if they work at home or not?!?! However, if they are working from home, helping ensure that they have a clean environment to work in would probably be appreciated.


Amazon & iTunes Gift Cards

Working from home and like to listen to some tunes? No problem, get that iTunes gift card and download some new music for your working playlist. Or, get that Amazon card for their Amazon Prime desires. Everyone wins with either of these gift cards!


Coffee Shop Gift Cards

When someone who works from home can’t handle being at home to work anymore, where do they go? A coffee shop! Probably a Starbucks, but maybe they’ll be frequenting a more local mom & pop coffee shop instead! I like Yogulatte (wink, wink), Coat Check Coffee, and Starbucks!


Bluetooth Headphones

Yup, sometimes you just need some good headphones while you’re working. Maybe you’ve got the tunes (maybe from those Amazon & iTunes gift cards above) or a kickass podcast that you like to listen to while you’re working, some fierce headphones like these will get the job done.


Postmates Gift Cards
Click here for free delivery credits!
Postmates is a lifesaver! Maybe you’ve got a tight deadline to meet with no time to make dinner or you desperately need coffee & donuts delivered, Postmates has you covered. Postmates works for delivering food from almost any restaurant in your city and it’s super convenient – all done from an app on your phone! Easy peasy!




Under Desk Foot Massager

Come on now, if we have to sit at a desk (or couch or comfy chair) at home, we might as well multitask and have a foot massager underneath to rub our feet while we work! No? Just me? Ok, that’s cool too.


TaskRabbit Gift Card
Click here
This isn’t available in every state yet, but if it’s available near you (or the receiver of your gifting), I highly recommend this service. TaskRabbit can help you with different services around the home, such as packing, organizing, moving furniture, etc. If you’re doing an overhaul of your workspace, this is a great option!

Know anyone who works from home? Or, do you work from home and have some ideas?



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    This is brilliant, I have a lot of work at home friends I`d love to give some presents during Christmas but was wondering what I can get them, This is a real eye-opener to help me get neutral but useful presents.

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    I really love the giant mug water bottle – you actually forget to get up sometimes and drink water when you’re working really hard, so making sure I at least get 32 oz. would be a life saver!

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    This is the best list! I can use all of these as a work from home person… sharing this with my FB friends now! Hopefully I can snag a few of these items 🙂 thank you!

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