First Time Visit to Firehouse Subs!

  Recently, I was invited to visit the Firehouse Subs at Pyramid Place to try a new sandwich and learn more about the place! We all know that I love food, cooking it and eating it – so this was a perfect fit! I had never been to one of the locations before, so I


Why Minimalism?

I’ve never really liked “stuff.” I avoid buying “stuff” as much as possible. I’d much rather focus my time, energy, and dollars to doing something – an experience with my friends, a fancy dinner, a vacation, doing something fun with my nephew, and you see where I’m heading. I don’t often find a deep attachment



Is there anyone else out there that’s just glad that they survived the month of December?!?! Yes? No? Just me? Ok. Nonetheless, I made it out and it was a marathon worth running. I survived the hustle & bustle of the holiday season relatively unscathed. Pretty much every single day revolved around my show and


2017 Year in Review

Here we are at the beginning of one year and the end of another year. It goes by so fast and with the best of intentions. Some things went my way, others did not. People came into my life and left my life just as quickly. Jobs ended so that new opportunities could be explored.

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