Lots of things came to a close during the month of May for me. Not in a bad way, but closing doors to open new windows is always daunting. Lots of shifting and adjusting happening around here, but I’m keeping up! Health & Beauty Did you know that May is National Mental Health Awareness month?


Opening Night Rituals!

Opening night of any show is always exciting! During the last two weeks, I’ve been rehearsing for a production of MY FAIR LADY that opens tonight – photo below! It’s been a hectic process, but we’ve made it to opening night! I’ve done a lot of shows in my almost 30 years, but no matter


IN REVIEW: Light & Shadow

Photo Credit: My Instagram // Writer Erin Rettino If you know me out in the real world, you’ll know that last week I was a part of one of my favorite things – a new musical. I had an extremely fun opportunity to be a part of a process that really gets my brain going.

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