Weekend Road Trip to Millikin University

Whenever there’s a chance for me to head back to my alma mater for a bit, I’ll always take the opportunity. As a lover of rarely done musical theatre, I try to get to campus whenever they’re doing a show that I’ve never seen or a show that I’m dying to do myself. When I



Lots of things came to a close during the month of May for me. Not in a bad way, but closing doors to open new windows is always daunting. Lots of shifting and adjusting happening around here, but I’m keeping up! Health & Beauty Did you know that May is National Mental Health Awareness month?


Indy 500? NOPE!

Oh, the Indy 500 is today? I live in Indianapolis and the only reason I know the race is today is that I watched the parade yesterday and it’s Memorial Day weekend. I also live in Indianapolis where the race is held, so that helps. I think the facilities that host the Indy 500 are


30x30: Fun Advice for a 30th Birthday 

  April 22, 2017 = my 30th birthday. What? Somehow time keeps passing and you reach a new decade. On my 30th birthday, I thought about how much has come to pass since my 20th birthday. College, people, some light travel, decisions, experiences, jobs — you name it. I ran the gamut. I really can’t


Getting Real About Infinite Receiving!

Let’s chat honestly about a few things here: I have the HARDEST time accepting compliments. The HARDEST. It’s something I have to really work through every time I receive one. I often freak out when people give me gifts or a service for free. This makes me laugh, considering my secondary Love Language is “receiving

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