summer camp


Revere, Massachusetts

Please note: This post does include affiliate links. Please read my disclosure page for more information.  As soon as I left camp this summer, I knew I wanted to take a few days out on the East Coast to explore. I’ve always been into history and literature, so I knew I was going to have


Funny Camp Memories

I was NEVER into summer camp as a kid. Never. You probably would have never convinced me to go. A day camp where I could do some plays, sing, or make arts and crafts all day, that would be totally fine. I wouldn’t say I’m outdoorsy, considering I REALLY like air-conditioning. I mean, at home,


Where I've Been!

Photo Credit: ME at the top of Mt. Washington! Whew! I’ve lived a life since I last posted, so thanks for sticking around! In the time since I last posted anything on here, it’s been a crazy time. My Instagram shows all of the highlights below! I sent home all of my campers and said



June was a wild month! I feel like I’ve lived a whole lifetime in the month of June. Look at any of my recent travel posts and you can see it for yourself! Now that I’m in the swing of things out East (for the moment), I’m excited to share some highlights from the month


NYC, Back, and Out Again – PART THREE

NOTE: This post does contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy for more information. In case you weren’t stalking me on Instagram (you should be), I’ve been traveling since June 6th! I spent about 6 days in NYC and now, I’m spending the next 8 weeks in Fryeburg, ME! Yes, I’m up in the

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