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Election Season Craziness

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I bet you’re feeling it. I bet part of you even hates it. I can’t lie…I actually kind of love it. I usually keep quiet about political things because I know my candor about it all sometimes makes people uncomfortable, but I’m always open to discuss with anyone who wants to talk politics with me.

Every four years, the American public is bombarded with all kinds of overwhelming information:
Republicans said this…
The Democrats say they are gonna do this…
That side just sucks…
They’re gonna take our guns..
We won’t be able to afford their healthcare plans…
She said vaccines cause autism…

You get it.

I find it all to be very entertaining for the most part. Sometimes, anything political really feels like a great big show – who can look the part and who can say the right things. If it weren’t so serious, I would consider it a great live television event! Regardless, we tend to fall in love (or hatred) with a candidate and are unwilling to waver or concede our points of view. Remember that these are PEOPLE, human beings, who are trying to be elected to positions of power. These people all have faults, they have families, but they are not “saviors,” no matter how much any party might claim that they are.

Seriously. They’re people. They are people that we, as a nation, are considering for positions of international power and regard.

They are people who’ve made choices and lived full lives before they got to this election. Thinking of each candidate as a person helps me keep things in perspective when discussing elections. They are one person and one person can’t control each facet of the government.

What I do hate, however, is how vicious people get about everything related to the election. This particular election season is particularly divisive. People are so emotionally charged with their candidate winning over the other candidate. It’s to the point where candidates are repeating the same information over and over again to appeal to their most loyal party followers, not so much the people who are undecided and may or may not vote.

I did some work for the Barack Obama campaign in Indiana in 2012 (and I loved every moment!), so I know it all comes down to getting voters to the polls. Voters actually have to fill in those dots or press the button on the screen. Nothing is accomplished if registered voters don’t vote. When you vote, you are voting for more than a President. You are voting for the teams of people who will run the country. You are voting for a team of people that have to work together for the greater good of 319 million people. You’re voting for the people who are willing to do more than line their pockets and want to maintain more than their own interests.

Remember, they’re people. They’re showing their true character every time they speak. Don’t buy into the memes, but listen to their debates and interviews to hear the words for yourself. Try to avoid “spin” if you can so you have the most unbiased approach. Don’t be a blind follower just because someone (this includes your family) told you to vote one way or another.

Do your research and for God’s sake, just vote. If you don’t vote, you’re not entitled to complain.

Many states have already started early voting procedures, so if you know which way you’re voting, go early. Get it done so that your voice is heard and you don’t have to worry about it. I voted over a week ago and now I can focus on helping other people get out to vote and work the polls in my city on Election Day 2016.

In case you’re wondering, #ImWithHer. As if it weren’t painfully obvious already.


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