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I’m a huge fan of podcasts. HUGE. I have a variety that I subscribe to and listen to on a regular basis. This includes: theatre podcasts, self-help, affirmations, crime, newspapers, and so on. I listen to a lot things from time to time! Depending on the day, I’ve got a perfect commute for a podcast so I take advantage of that time! 
In no particular order, here are my top eight podcasts of the moment!
  • Theater People – This podcast is a treat! My addiction to all things Broadway and New York is very real and this is like crack to that addiction. The show offers full length interviews with a variety of “theater people.” This means you get actors, producers, and directors so you can hear many POVs within one podcast. I’m never disappointed with a single interview in this series. There’s A LOT to learn about some of hottest people on Broadway. 
  • The Ensemblist – This is another theatre podcast, if you couldn’t tell already. Their schtick is “Broadway from the inside out.” They give you a pipeline into each facet of a Broadway show. They cover theatre terms that might not be as familiar to the general public, audition stories, as well as things performers do when they aren’t performing. One of my favorite episodes in their series is the “Rehearsal Report” by an actor in an about-to-open Broadway show. They also did a whole run of episodes about Broadway shows that won the Pulitzer prize, so we all know I geeked about that.
  • Broadway Backstory – Last theatre one for the moment! This podcast follows a particular Broadway show from it’s conception to when it finally opens on Broadway. They interview as many people related to the show that they can: writers, producers, actors, and others. Plus, it’s produced by the same people who do Theater People and by the folks at TodayTix (and we know my love for those folks).
  • Criminal – If you liked Serial, this would be enjoyable. It’s all about crimes – the guilty, the bystanders, and others affected by crime. The storytelling is well executed and I find it very compelling. Pure crime-y goodness.
  • Modern Love – This is often a lighter show, but there’s a few heavier episodes to enjoy. In each episode, a different person (usually an actor or other celebrity) reads one of the reader-submitted essays. Anything and everything about love gets talked about in this podcast – love for kids, lovers after 40, love after death, marrying your gay best friend for a green card; nothing is off-limits. These are usually shorter episodes for those of us who find ourselves with a short attention span.
  • Women of the Hour – If you’re looking for a podcasts that celebrates fierce and feisty women, look no further! This podcast, hosted by Lena Dunham (of HBO’s Girls), chats with women about various things in their lives. Topics include: growing older, women’s health, women’s rights, love, work – with Dunham and her celebrity guest POVs. 
  • Death, Sex, and Money – I love this podcast for the sheer reason that Anna (the host) and the guests are talking about the things that we are so often told NOT to talk about. This podcast is really just about death, sex, and money and it’s consequences. Definitely don’t miss out on this one. 
  • The Money Nerds Podcast – I love most things related to personal finance and this is one of them. These are all individual stories about people who are doing great things with their money and work. These aren’t famous people or super gurus, they’re pretty low key people doing some awesome things. She’s also got a Facebook group going where you can participate and share your money wins – kind of like “audience participation!”

If you didn’t gather already, I seriously love podcasts. I’m all about great stories and great information, so these make me pretty happy.

What are you listening to? What are some podcasts that you recommend?

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