Monthly Moments – March 2017!

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I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs lately that write a monthly wrap-up post of sorts, so this is my first attempt!  Read on for some things that I thought were fantastic during the month of March 2017!

Health & Beauty

In case you didn’t know, I love bath bombs. Recently I tried a Black Magic Bath Bomb by Elk River. What?!?! Crazy, I know. However, this one was pretty neat. Besides the fact that the water turns black, the scent is quite nice. It reminded me a little of Patchouli, Vanilla, also with a little bit of sandalwood. It turns the water black, but it doesn’t stain the tub – a nice evening treat after the craziness of some of this month!

With all of the makeup I’ve been wearing because of the show lately, I needed to up my face wash game! My normal Pacifica Kale Detox wash wasn’t hacking it, so I started with The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Facial Wash & Toner. I’d tried some samples of this stuff FOREVER ago that I loved, so I bought the full-size ones to try and they work splendidly. My skin comes out fresh and not over-dried, not to mention the light smell.


As someone who is very mindful about clothing purchases, this month I had to invest in some new clothing staples. Mostly black items – leggings (LuLaRoe for the win), tops, tights, galoshes – so much black and a few fun patterns.


You might have read my recent post about podcasts that I’m listening to, but I recently did the binge on S-Town. This podcast is by the same people who produce Serial and This American Life. If you’re a fan of either of those, this is one you should check out!


Since I’ve been working on MY FAIR LADY, I haven’t had much time to delve into books. That said, I did take some time to devour Danielle LaPorte’s latest book, White Hot Truth. I got early access as part of the launch team, so I was super pumped to read it! I’m a HUGE fan of pretty much anything she’s ever written or produced.


Thanks to the show (channeling my inner Mrs. Hughes), I finally dove into Downton Abbey. Why. The. Eff. Did I wait to watch this?!?! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. Also, Harlots on Hulu – it just started. Watch it.


I definitely wasn’t crafty in the kitchen this past month. However, I did get to Barcelona Tapas for Sangria Brunch on a Sunday. I was missing out – the brunch deal is quite the steal. Ha, that’s a rhyme!


March has definitely been a month full of random moments, to say the very least. That said, I’m looking forward to celebrating a bunch of wonderful moments in the month of April…because it’s BIRTHDAY MONTH!


Tell me something exciting that happened to you in March! Looking forward to anything in April?

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