Monthly Moments – April 2017!

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April was one heck of a month! I got to celebrate the big 3-0, perform in a show, see friends, prepare for new gigs, and get a lot of client work done. I’m calling it a successful month full of wonderful things. Lots of planning for the future happened, so that’s even better.

Health & Beauty

As I mentioned last month, because of the show, I’m wearing quite a bit of makeup these days. I’ve mentioned some of the great face stuff I’ve been using, but here are a few other health & beauty items that have made their way into my life recently.

Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner in Lolita: Yes, I’ve been wearing a lot of lip liner recently. I usually hate lip liner, but I got this complimentary sample from Influenster and I’ve really loved it. It goes on super-smooth and matches several shades of lipstick, which is helpful for me because I like to switch up colors all the time. I wear it during My Fair Lady as well – Mrs. Pearce is way into makeup! Not to mention that it’s vegan and has no parabens – which I love.






Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation: Again, wearing so much makeup these days! However, this stuff has been great. It’s pretty cheap, doesn’t irritate my skin, then it lasts…a loooong time. It makes it through all those two-show days like a dream. It’s available on Amazon, Ulta, and basically any drugstore.








Kiss My Grass Natural Soap: I was at the Indiana Home & Garden shows a month or so back and was enamored with every soap they had on their tables. I ended up walking out with this haul in the picture, plus a Bay Rum & Tobacco soap that’s in my shower now. I don’t even care that it’s a “man scent” – it’s just a really good scent! Plus, the brand name makes me chuckle.


I’ve definitely had to purchase a few things this month! I need a lot of goodies for the work that I’m doing this summer. Those few things include a swimsuit, galoshes, and a formal-ish cocktail dress for the TONY AWARDS (I haven’t mentioned those yet) – I’ll post a photo once it comes in!

Also, can we talk about PoshMark? How have I never used it before now? I’d heard of it, but now I’ve finally used it! I bought two Tony Awards dress possibilities from there and got shipping for less than $1! Use my referral code “UCNPY” to save $5 off your first purchase.


This month has been all about Missing Richard Simmons and The Minimalists. I apparently missed out on the initial hoopla about Missing Richard Simmons, but I loved listening to it during some of my commutes. The Minimalists is also a winner, I love their approach to living a more intentional and minimalist lifestyle.


Sad to report that I didn’t touch any books in April. Read mostly news and magazines, but no books. That’ll change soon!


April’s been great for my reality TV addiction. You better believe that I’m watching EVERY episode of Dancing with the Stars. I’m rooting for Emma & Rashad!


I turned 30 in April – so that meant I ate A LOT of very fancy food. Look at all the sweet treats! And Japanese food!


Birthday month was full of randomness, but I’d expect nothing less! Great gifts, flowers, friends, planning my NYC trip, getting summer plans lined up – no complaints here! Birthday month went extremely well!

Tell me something exciting that happened to you in April! Looking forward to anything in May?

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  1. Wow what a wonderful month for you!! It is very nice looking back on a great month. Happy birthday. May May be just as good for you.

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