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Monthly Moments – May 2017

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Lots of things came to a close during the month of May for me. Not in a bad way, but closing doors to open new windows is always daunting. Lots of shifting and adjusting happening around here, but I’m keeping up!

Health & Beauty

Did you know that May is National Mental Health Awareness month? I wrote about it. I know so many people who struggle with mental illness in various capacities and I think everyone can help decrease the stigma around mental illness.

Other than a few luxurious face masks, graduating from physical therapy (super flat feet were being obnoxious), and catching up with all of my delayed (due to the show) dental work, there’s nothing exciting to report here!


My dress for the Tony Awards arrived from Poshmark! I’m getting super excited to wear it this weekend! 🙂 Plus, I had a Goodwill gift card to spend, so I had to stock up on some camp & summer goodies.


Plenty of these to go around this month! Quite a bit of the Theater People podcast and The Ensemblist to get pumped for NYC and a little Sword & Scale for the true crime fix.


Only scripts this month honestly – trying to get prepped for summer fun! However, my hardback copy of Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth did arrive this month, so I’m looking forward to enjoying that again.


This was a doozy of the month for me in regards to TV. I watched so many things while writing – I’m almost certain some of the dialogue may have ended up in some of my content! HA!

Netflix DELIVERED in May! First, The Keepers – OMG. Seriously. I’m astounded by the EPIC lengths that Archdiocese of Baltimore has gone to in order to coverup crimes. The Facebook group conversations about the show are off the hook – so much information being shared. We all know that I devoured The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in no time. Finally got to Grace & Frankie and the final season of Royal Pains. I also watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things because minimalism is something that’s important to me and Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On because, again, it’s such an interesting topic.

Hulu brought out The Handmaid’s Tale which is extremely pertinent at this juncture of our government.

Dancing with the Stars finished – I’m so glad that Rashad won! I even wrote a little post on Quaintrelle on the Rocks about the show.

Last, but certainly not least, why did I just catch Good Girls Revolt?!?!? Why wasn’t it renewed? That’s so unfortunate.


This isn’t necessarily food, but May brought me a lot of amazing beer to try. I think one of the highlights was trip to Deviate Brewing! The tap room has some amazing stuff in it, plus the cool barrel tables are fun. The beer selection has all kinds unique combinations of flavors. I was a major fan of the “Dill With It.”


Got to take in some new theatre in May – specifically Shine On, as performed by The Biz in Avon. I’ve been very familiar with the story of Ryan White for years now and one of my friends/past co-workers turned it into a musical! Also, finally saw Kinky Boots! It was just one musical that kept going off my radar, but it finally happened! Celebrating friends with picnics in parks was also another highlight.

May was busy, but I’m excited to see what June brings.

Tell me something exciting that happened to you in May! Looking forward to anything in June?


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