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June was a wild month! I feel like I’ve lived a whole lifetime in the month of June. Look at any of my recent travel posts and you can see it for yourself! Now that I’m in the swing of things out East (for the moment), I’m excited to share some highlights from the month with you all here!


Health & Beauty

Ugh, I’m so angry about this one. I’m out and about in the beautiful mountains and enjoying beautiful weather most of the time…but my skin hates it. HATES IT. I get sun rashes basically every other day and it’s DUMB. I didn’t even know sun rash was a thing, but apparently I’m proof that it is real. The nurses here at camp love seeing me at this point! 🙂


Other than rocking some high fashion at the Tony Awards and my best in hoodies & shorts at camp, this is very lackluster this month.


I’m ALL ABOUT the podcasts, which shouldn’t be news to anyone! 🙂 During all my driving and traveling last month, I was able to make a dent in my giant back log of podcasts. Some of my favorites included:

  • True Crime Obsessed – Another podcast from the same crew behind Theater People and Broadway Backstory, but about crime instead!
  • Whatever It Take: A Degrassi Podcast – Did anyone else love this show as much as I did in junior high and high school? Going back and reliving it through their POV is hysterical. Plus, I remember how much I enjoyed the show. Pure nostalgia for me.
  • Death, Sex, & Money – I’ve talked about this one before, but it’s always good. The episodes on student loans are particularly good this time.


I picked up a book a while ago but had to take it back to the library before I finished. I ended up buying You are a Badass by Jen Sincero while I was in NYC so I could bring out here with me this summer. I’m slowly going back through it. After this one, I look forward to getting to her You are a Badass with Money book – I heard it’s great, so I wanna know!

My current trash read is Flawless by Tilly Bagshawe. It is my frivolous summer read when everything else is too much, I read this instead.


HA! I’m watching TONS of TV here in the mountains…NOT. However, I did download all of the new season of Orange is the New Black from Netflix so that I can watch it at night in my cabin. Also, I was pretty stoked to see that the past seasons of Younger were on Hulu now! I can’t wait to catch up there!


If you haven’t seen any of my NYC travel posts yet, go back and see the photos of my food. My favorite highlights included STK, Jack’s Wife Freda, Rue La Rue (the Golden Girls cafe), and The Smith. I’ll also give a shout out to my current place of employment for their awesome food selection. I’ll also shout out to all the fancy coffee shops that I’ve been writing in on my time off – major props to Frontside Coffee Roasters and The Met Coffee House in North Conway. Great snacks and coffee selections – maple lattes, anyone?


Thanks to trotting all about the states of Maine and New Hampshire with my kiddos, I’ve been seeing a lot of fun places that I might not see otherwise. We’ve been to Clark’s Trading Post – we saw a trained bear show, downtown Portland to the Portland Science Center to see the National Geographic Pirates exhibit, and to the Southworth Planetarium to take in the night sky and some astronomy. I think some of the adults liked it better than the kids. Oh well, it was a successful trip. We’re tackling a movie theater and Sebago Lake State Park next! Stay tuned!

Shops on the strip of Clark’s Trading Post

Downtown Portland Architecture

Real pirate treasure!



Also, Amazon Prime Day, ya’ll! I scored a new Amazon Fire 7 tablet for $29.99! Those deals don’t lie!

How was your June? Big things happening in July? Tell me about it!


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