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I know you’ve missed these Monthly Moments posts! I’ve missed writing them. In case you missed it, this summer was crazy. I’m starting to wonder if I dreamed the months of June, July, and August. Anyone else ever feel that way? No? Just me? Ok. In summation, here are some short snippets about July and August.

July: Maine was freakishly cold in July. I was wearing a lot of fleece and rubber boots because it was monsoon season. Survived directing two shows and hosting rookie campers. Saw lots of beautiful places in Maine and New Hampshire. Chopped off all of my hair.

August: Weather finally started to improve, haha! Drove my car up Mount Washington – got a cool bumper sticker! Took my kiddos on more trips. Saw some great theatre at The Barnstormers on a random night off. Got some fancy Maine lobster. Sent my kiddos home and wrapped up camp. Headed down the East Coast a bit into a few various places – Revere, Salem, Concord, and Mystic. Came home and got right to Fringe and new jobs. August was a doozy and I think I’m still recovering.

But now, let’s chat about September.

Health & Beauty

Not too much to report here, but I’ve spent a ton of time this month doing barre3. Since I injured my knee (what else is new?) at camp, jumping and hard cardio have been pretty limited. However, barre3 is always something I can appreciate. I love the combo of cardio, strength, dance, yoga, and pilates. Not to mention that there are 20, 30, 40, and 60-minute workouts. Also, Richard Simmons’ HOPE sequence has found its way back into my rotation – can’t beat the fun 20-minute cardio. Definitely better than knocking it out on a machine instead.

Also, shout out to Grace & Stella Bath Bombs. Their box sets are reasonably priced and come with a great variety of scents.

My Keep Calm – French Lavender bath bomb!
Uhhhh, my hair has a new color for fall! I haven’t put any color in my hair in about a decade, so I figured it was about time to do something! My hair has been a plethora of colors in the past – purple, auburn, red, jet black, highlighted blonde, etc. Now it’s indigo black. Time for something new.




I made a haul at the Banana Republic Friends & Family sale! One of my sorority sisters always sends out notices when she gets her shareable F&F codes and I definitely needed to take advantage this year. I was in need of some new tops because I always end up with tons of pants in my closet, but never shirts. So it was time to stock up on some staples!


My podcast love runs deep! This month it’s been catching up on Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe. Yup, that Kaitlyn from The Bachelor & The Bachelorette. I love her humor and that she just drinks wine and chats it up with people. Some episodes are funnier than others, but I enjoy them.

Also a big fan of a fairly new podcast called The BE way. Made by the folks behind Fit For Broadway, this is right up my alley. They have a whole episode dedicated to vocal health and I’m all about that life.


I’ve been reviewing several personal finance books lately for my participation on the Plutus Awards Panel for FinCon 2017. There’s been a lot of info to consume and consider for these awards, so I haven’t read much else.


Let’s chat about The Good Karma Hospital on AcornTV. Essentially a British medical dramedy, if you loved Call the Midwife or Downton Abbey, this is definitely one to check out! I killed that season in less than a week! Episodes are pretty short and there is only one season so far.

I also got reeeeeal into The Confession Tapes on Netflix. If you were into The Keepers or Making a Murderer, this will pertain to your interests. True crime addicts like me will devour this.

Also, Dancing with the Stars is back on. We know I’m addicted and I’m proud to own that! My bets are on Lindsay Arnold & Jordan Fisher, Mark Ballas & Lindsay Sterling, or Val Chmerkovskiy and Victoria Arlen. That’s my top 3 and I definitely bet that one of those pairs will take home the mirrorball trophy.

Can’t forget the return of Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and the Chicago Fire and Chicago PD shows. Obviously, I geek for TV. I have it running in the background while I’m writing all the time.


I came back from the East Coast just in time for the tail end of CSA season. Just in time for tons of bell peppers, greens, corn, popcorn, squash, and other goodies. So glad I made it back for some of the season.


September was a great month for theatre here in Indianapolis! I managed to squeeze in quite a few shows – Nuts, La Cage Aux Folles, Sister Act, and Fun Home.

Getting to take part in lots of fun late summer and fall festival dealies – like the Labor Day Jazz Fest at The Jazz Kitchen and Frankenfest at the Indiana Medical History Museum.

How was your September? Big things happening in October?


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  1. Gosh, I love these updates! This summer has flown for me, too… but it’s good to keep “busy” from time to time, right?! I’ve never tried Barre3, but I know there are some classes/studios here in LA that I wanna check out… thanks for the inspo girlie!

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