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The 2017 Liebster Award

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Woohoo! Finally getting my Liebster Award post up! I was recently nominated by Megan of Roving Veghead. She’s a Colorado native (I love Colorado), plus she writes about traveling and her Instagram is full of some delectable food photos. Food & travel – some of my favorite topics. Thanks for the nomination, Megan!

See her Liebster Award post here
Read the Official Rules of The Liebster Award at The Global Aussie

Megan asked some great questions of the bloggers that she nominated, so here are my responses.

1. Apple or Samsung?
Apple – all the way. I have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro and I’m not looking back.

2. What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?
Hm. This one is tougher to answer than I thought. I haven’t jumped out of plane (yet), but I’m pretty good at embarking on cross-country road trips by myself. Done it about 4 times now, so I could say that’s a little extreme.

3. If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?
I never know the answer to this question! I’m terrible with superheroes and what they do. What about She-Hulk? I’d be all about hulking out and smashing some things, but still being able to have some intelligence. Plus, she’s a lawyer, so she’s pretty dang smart.

4. Would you rather explore the deep ocean or outer space?
Absolutely outer space. I even went to Space Camp as a kid, so my love of space runs deep.

5. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Not much. I’m so-so on Klondike bars, but I would do some crazy things for amazing iced coffee & lattes.

6. Number one place you want to visit?
Right now, I’ve been saying Cuba. I’ve seen so many people posting about it lately, so the bug bit me. It’s HIGH on my list right now.

7. Travel by train, car, bus, boat, plane?
I love all of the above, but I’d love to do some travel by boat soon.

8. What is your most memorable trip?
This summer – all around New England. NYC, Maine, Salem, Concord, and Mystic. It was one of those trips where everything fell into place like it was supposed to. Right people, right experiences, everything happened so perfectly.

9. What is the craziest food you have ever eaten?
On one of my NYC trips, I went to a Filipino restaurant that served balut. I remember making a funny face about it for photos, but I didn’t find it all that crazy overall. Here’s a fun link about balut.

10. Who inspired you to blog?
Many people actually. I’ve been writing about all kind of crazy things forever. I even owned/ran a successful (and anonymous) personal finance blog before this one, so I’ve been in the blogging world for a bit. However, I think I live a bit of a charmed life. I get to do tons of amazing things that I love to share with other people, so I’m working on doing that.

My Blog Nominations

Questions for My Nominees

  1. What did you do on your last vacation?
  2. What three words best describe you?
  3. Besides your phone, what’s one thing you bring with you everywhere you go?
  4. What is a controversial opinion that you have?
  5. What is/was your latest Netflix binge?
  6. What’s the most useful app you have on your phone?
  7. Away from your blog, do you journal? If so, how? If not, why don’t you?
  8. What’s the craziest/most outrageous thing you want to achieve?
  9. If you could make a holiday, what would it be like? How would people celebrate it?
  10. Time freezes for everyone but you for one day – what do you do?

That’s all I’ve got for this 2017 Liebster Award! Looking forward to reading what my nominees come up with!

Click here for more Liebster Award information, images, and rules. 

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  • Alanna

    Thank you for the nomination, can’t wait to answer your questions. Looking forward to reading more of your great posts xx

    October 23, 2017 at 2:20 pm Reply
  • Ashley Lya Payne

    It’s pretty awesome that you went on a few cross country trips! I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you… cant wait to see what your nominees comes up with!

    November 1, 2017 at 4:17 am Reply
  • Adventurous Will

    Thanks again for the nomination! It was fun answering your questions 🙂

    November 1, 2017 at 4:52 am Reply
  • instagram++ download

    You got yourself a new rader.

    November 18, 2017 at 5:33 pm Reply
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