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Blogger Secret Santa 2017

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Blogger Secret Santa

We all know that I love giving gifts! That’s not a secret! When the opportunity arose to take part in a Blogger Secret Santa exchange, I was all about it! Plus, I’m always looking for new blogging pals and this was a perfect chance to do that!

I’ve always been a lover of Secret Santa exchanges and this was no different! When I discovered that Megan of Love Megan Anne was hosting one, I knew I had to sign up! We filled out a survey with all of our information to be paired with another blogger. The blogger that I was paired with originally had to drop out, so I was redirected. Nonetheless, the exchange still worked out! I got a new person to surprise with a gift and all was well.

I was pumped to receive some Bath & Body Works goodies from Cecily Rose over at! She’s from the Chicago-land area – exciting because I spent so much time in Illinois for college. A year in Chicago and 3 more in southern Illinois essentially means I have a very soft spot in my heart for Illinois. Cecily seems like a girl after my own heart – someone who is into managing money wisely, motivational posts, and books! Which are also things that I enjoy personally and enjoy sharing with all of you. So check out her blog & social media when you can!

I got a big laugh out of my Secret Santa sending me a gift in an Influenster box! Looks like we both got the same Influenster freebie though! 😉

Which one is my gift? Which one was my sample?

 I was paired with Semirah of Sound of Charm and I was pretty pumped to find out that she’s from the Boston area! After spending some time there this summer, I thought that this was a great turn of events. I got to check out her blog and Instagram a bit and I was astonished to find out that she’s studying engineering! I think that’s the coolest thing ever – considering the extent of my math skills is counting from 1 to 12! Thanks, Music Theory! 🙂

I’m not sure if she’s received her gift yet, so I won’t ruin it! Instead, thanks to Historic Indianapolis, I was able to send her this fun little card separate from her gift which should be arriving soon!

I’m seriously a huge fan of Secret Santa gifting! This was a great time and I’m so glad I got to participate!

Do you like to participate in Secret Santa gift exchanges? If so, get any good gifts this year?

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