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Try LipSense

For a girl who rarely wears a lot of makeup, I really do love to play with it and try new products when I can! Earlier this year, thanks to Jessica, I was given the opportunity to try a LipSense Starter Kit! I remember learning about it when it came out and hearing all the hype! I wanted to try it myself, because I knew I could use it for theatre stuff, and because I always love to try new stuff and share it with all of you! I think at one point I ended up in numerous parties and event selling LipSense (those invites are super annoying), but I really just wanted to try it on my own. And now I have, so here is my honest review of my very first experiences with the starter kit!


LipSense is essentially another brand of liquid lipstick. It’s from an MLM company, so you need a consultant to purchase the product. LipSense (by SeneGence) claims to be a brand of liquid lipstick that is “waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, or budge-off.” This long-lasting, original, patented lip color is considered to be the premier product of SeneGence. One of the biggest selling points of the product is its longevity and the fact that it lasts up to 18 hours.

The LipSense line has over 70 different shades of color, not to mention all the options available for top coats (matte, gloss, pearl, glitter, etc.). And, since you have to put 2-3 layers of color on your lips, you could even layer multiple shades and use different top coats to create more personalized colors.

It isn’t a lip stain, but instead molecularly bonds to your lips. LipSense lip colors also contain SD40 cosmetic-grade alcohol, so it might tingle when you put it on. Apparently, this cosmetic-grade alcohol keeps bacteria from building up in the tube of lipstick and works as an exfoliator for your lips. LipSense contains no lead, wax, gluten, or GMOs, plus it’s made in the United States. LipSense products do contain shea butter & Vitamin E oil to nourish lips.

Aside from the lip color, they offer other makeup and skincare products. I might be interested in giving those a try at some point in the future, but let’s talk more about the LipSense first.


I tried out a starter kit with the Moisturizing Gloss, Ooops! Remover, and the Persimmon Lip Color. The Lip Collection Starter Kit usually retails for $55, but individual colors come in at $25 each. NOTE: Keep reading for a discount code below!

Persimmon LipSense



It can take some practice to get the application just right and it isn’t just a “swipe & go” process. Watch the video below to get a better feel for how it needs to be applied!

I tried wearing it in a few different situations where I’d be eating, drinking or talking quite a bit. I also wore it for a photo shoot so I could see how it turned out on camera.

Right before this shot, I had been at a professional dinner party, so there was plenty of food and drinks to wash it all away. The color held up pretty well, but the gloss seemed to melt away very quickly. Perhaps it was because of all of the things I was doing, but I often felt myself wanting to reapply the gloss at opportune moments. Maybe it was just super cold and dry out?


During this silly (and for a moment, serious) shoot, this color held up like a dream. Lots of talking, lots of smiling, and the color stayed glossy and bright.

In the End

Overall, it’s clear that this stuff lasts quite a while on your lips. In the few weeks I’ve been wearing it, I’ve noticed that I don’t use much of the color when applying at all, so the cost per use of the lip color would be pretty good! The glosses might be the item that you have to replace more often.

Yeah, it stings a bit going on, but I didn’t mind that considering how long it lasted. Yes, it requires you to be precise in how you apply it, or else you’ll end up having to use the remover stick to get it right. However, your typical makeup remover wipes will work in removing it from your lips.

In conclusion, on most days, I don’t think I’d wear LipSense every day. However, for special occasions, photo shoots, and performances, I’d definitely wear it more often! It holds up well when I’ve got to talk a lot and I don’t want to worry about lipstick smeared all over my teeth. Would I buy again? Sure. Now that we’re coming out of winter, I could definitely see myself buying more spring-like colors. It’s super easy to like this stuff – it does work!

MY FOLLOWERS GET 10% OFF THEIR FIRST ORDER! Use code ‘KELSEE10’ when you buy from Jessica! Perfect time to try it or buy as a gift for someone who loves the product!

Feel free to reach out to Jessica at the links below!

NOTE: I received a product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own.


Have you tried LipSense? What did you think? Do you have another brand you like better? Tell me in the comments!


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