Monthly Moments – March 2018

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March tried to kill me. Let’s be honest. I’m glad to still be standing and I just hope I make it to 31 at this point! 🙂 Just kidding, but really, it was a rough month. Between jobs ending and new ones starting and one closing down (plus client projects), I’ve come out on the other side. I also managed to be in a show during this tumultuous month and I’m not exactly sure how! In other news, here are some fun highlights from this last month!

Health & Beauty

One, I need a haircut, but that’s minor news. I went back to physical therapy for my bum feet – shoutout to the super-awesome-great-wonderful-fun-delightful staff of ATI Downtown Indianapolis. They are fabulous for this flat-footed repeat offender. 🙂

shop philosophy today.
I also partnered with BrandBacker to try out some new face masks by Masked Beauty. My favorite one was the Purifying Charcoal & Diamond Facial Mask. In Indiana, you can find these at Meijer if you’re looking to purchase for yourself, retails at $7.99.


Anytime I find myself wearing a lot of makeup (shows, events, or other special occasions), my skin often starts to freak out on me! After a thorough wash, here come face masks like these to save the day! Masked Beauty masks are a great (and affordable) treat for the skin at $7.99 retail! #deal They have 6 different masks to try, but I got to try the Purifying Charcoal & Diamond and the Exfoliating Coffee & Chocolate Masks! They’re two entirely different products – as you can see based on their textures! They smell delicious, they aren’t overly drying, plus the ingredients list is extremely pleasing. Here in #indy, you can buy Masked Beauty face masks at @Meijer! Oh, and this sweet little application brush is easily found at most drugstores! #MyMaskedBeauty ➖ Powered by @brandbacker! ➖ Do you have a favorite #facemask or a favorite part of your #skincare routine? Tell me in the comments!

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The only thing that’s changed here, is getting more black tops & jeans for work purposes. For simple things list this, I’m always checking out Target & Goodwill. I’m so fancy.



Have you heard Someone Knows Something? It’s a podcast produced by the CBC and it’s in its 4th season. I’m only in season 2, but I love a good true crime story.


I received an advanced reading copy of How Hard Can It Be? by Allison Pearson. I’m excited to dive in soon! It will be released this summer, so I’m excited to get an early peek at the book.


In March, I was very thankful for HelloFresh and cast parties. I received a really great coupon, so I was able to give the service a try and the meals were all perfect for me. Plus, as a single person getting the two-person option, I had plenty for lunches/leftovers.

Click here for $40 off your first HelloFresh box!


I also got to sample the Sugar Smart Box that had some really great snack options for people like me who just like to grab & go! Use my code ‘SMARTFRIEND10’ to get 10% off your first box!



Check out my post about Five TV Shows I Love – that was a fun post from March! I’m not always watching it, but my TV is almost always on in the background depending on what I’m doing. Somehow, the Hulu rabbit hole led me to watch some St. Elsewhere – so let’s talk about 80’s medical drama for a minute. I love that these shows exist. Watching these shows just flabbergasts me! Paper charts! Payphones! WHAT?!?


In list format:

  • I closed The Bridges of Madison County at Footlite! It was a sweet treat to drop into one of my favorite shows! I literally performed one song in Act I and then I was done. It was a great time.
  • Attended the Visit Indiana Media Marketplace where there was a great opportunity to connect with lots of tourism boards and organizations around Indiana. I’m looking forward to some upcoming collaborations that started here. I’m even more excited to share them all with you when the time comes!
  • Spent some quality time geeking out at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site! You can read all about my experience in this post!
  • Had a blast checking out South Pacific, as produced by the Indianapolis Opera. I’m so glad they decided to a musical…not just opera!
  • You may have heard about a little restaurant in Indianapolis called Tinker Street closing down. Yes, I was still working there at that time and I’m proud of my co-workers for standing up. Proud to be #TeamTinker and always proud of those who stand up for fair & equal treatment.

And now, it’s birthday month! Hopefully, the start of year 31 brings some fun stuff & good news!

How was your March? Let’s chat!

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