Thanksgiving Traditions

That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving week! I’ve been feeling the holiday spirit for weeks now (it’s Yuletide season), but the real fun begins this week with Turkey Day on Thursday. I don’t come from a family that has many Thanksgiving traditions, but it’s still a day that I look forward to every year. I never cook


holiday gift card

‘Tis the season, Y’all! While my last post was about cold hard cash, today’s post is similar in spirit! Today, I’ve got a guest post from Amy over at Working Moms Word. She’s talking about gift cards and some things to consider before you gift them! Enjoy! The season of gift-giving is approaching; the time


Cash Gift

Some people say giving cash as a gift is tacky or shows a lack of effort. I wholeheartedly disagree. The saying “cash is king” is relevant in so many ways and it definitely applies when it comes to giving and receiving cash. Cold hard cash may not sound like the best gift in the world

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