Indy 500? NOPE!

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Oh, the Indy 500 is today? I live in Indianapolis and the only reason I know the race is today is that I watched the parade yesterday and it’s Memorial Day weekend. I also live in Indianapolis where the race is held, so that helps. I think the facilities that host the Indy 500 are absolutely stunning – I’ve been there NUMEROUS times. I’ve actually already attended the Indy 500, the Brickyard (whatever it is now) 400, and a Formula One race. I just don’t understand the need to go sit in the high heat and watch cars whiz by me at high speeds while constantly turning left.

I know the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has all kinds of history and I can really appreciate that. I also appreciate the museum on the premises, as I feel that you can learn a lot there. I even enjoy the parade because of the music and fun celebrity sightings, but the hype of the actual race…yeah, I feel nothing.

For me, I think these are the reasons why I feel nothing:

  • Maybe it’s because I can drink at home in the A/C, or on a friend’s porch, but I have no interest in paying money to get into a track crammed with hundreds of thousands of people to drink and party. I can do other related activities for free.
  • The epic parking or transportation expense – I know of people living near the track who offer parking in their lawns for the race – which is awesome! Make some money from those crazy track patrons, I’m all about that.
  • I also know ZERO about any of the drivers. I know in the past years of the race that whoever was driving used to be big news, but now…who are these people?
  • Why do people want to be squeezed next to people when it’s so hot out? I’ll never understand.
  • This year, Mike Pence is there. That means I want to be 100 miles away.
  • The leftovers from all the parties during the night before. Let’s talk about the Coke Lot and other famous parking lots – they look like nightmares on steroids. Who in the hell wants to party that hard on crap beer?!?! Just the massive amounts of “questionable trash” you might find – what about that?  Nope. I just can’t.
  • Jorts. I don’t need to see any grown man wearing Jorts.
  • Weed smokers – I don’t handle that well. But good on those who want to.
  • The general attire of many race-goers – I don’t need to see everyone’s butt and boobs. I’m good.
  • I don’t need to spend $9 on a beer, nor do I want to.

People who are into the race biz, help me out here. What’s the appeal? I’ll probably disagree, but I’m open to it. I want to know.

Are you into the Indy 500 race hype? Do you go to the race? Do you want to?

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