Spring Cleaning: Donating Items in Indianapolis

Spring Cleaning Donating Indianapolis

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Spring Cleaning Donating Indianapolis


Woohoo! Spring finally decided to show up here in Indianapolis! It was a long (very long) winter here and this sunshine is most welcome after so many dreary days! If you’ve been waiting for the spring to get your Marie Kondo on, it’s here! Or, if you’re like me (more devoted to The Minimalists), I’ve been playing small versions of the MINS Game since the beginning of the year and I had a CAR FULL OF STUFF to ditch.

All over Indianapolis, there are a bunch of options for getting rid of stuff that you no longer want. If its clothes, electronics, household goods, books, etc. – there’s a place for it. Rather than just chucking stuff in the trash, there is probably someone else who can use it, so consider selling or donation before tossing items! I’m all for reducing waste & recycling, so I’m encouraging you to do the same.

Below are some of my favorite ways and places to unload the items that no longer serve me.


The Julian Center
Address: 2011 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46202
The Julian Center provides services to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking. Their services include counseling, transitional housing, and other advocacy services. One of the ways they aid their clients is by allowing them to shop for free in their Thrifty Threads thrift store. They take clothing, household items, furniture, and other small appliances. The Julian Center also accepts donations of office & school supplies, so if you have extras of those (like I always seem to have), this would be a great place to donate! All of the excess items are sold to the public and the proceeds go back into the programs offered by The Julian Center. They have a drop-off location right behind their main building on Meridian Street, so it’s super easy to drop off your items the next time you’re downtown! You can also make donations at their Thrifty Threads location (1501 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260) if the northside location is more convenient.


Indy Reads Books
Address: 911 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202
It’s really great to have a downtown bookstore again and it’s even better that this particular bookstore has a mission to improve literacy in Central Indiana. Selling used & new books, the proceeds from the store go to the local non-profit of Indy Reads. Indy Reads seeks to improve literacy amongst adults and families in Central Indiana through literacy and ELL programs. The store is also a great venue for community events like a Chess Club for Kids, Indy Actors Playground (a live play reading on Monday nights), and Paws to Read events – where kids practice reading to dogs! So cute! They’re looking for gently used books of all kinds, plus DVDs, CDs, and records!


Teacher’s Treasures
Address: 1800 E 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46201
Teachers ALWAYS need school supplies for students who don’t have them. Teacher’s Treasures provides school supplies to teachers all over Marion County who work in schools with 60% or more of the student population on the free or reduced lunch programs…FOR FREE. Aside from the typical school supplies of paper, pens, calculators, etc., they’re also looking for things like excess file folders, paper clips, binders, staplers, chairs, desks, envelopes, and other leftover office supplies. They’re also looking for new items like hairbrushes, lip balms, tissues, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and paper towels – all things that teachers might need for their students. This is a great place to donate if you want to help teachers help kids in Marion County.


If you’ve got a few items that you’d rather sell first, I always suggest the following options:


Facebook Marketplace & Groups
You can pinpoint your neighborhoods (Downtown, Midtown, West, East, North, South) and list your items. Set a safe place for pickup, exchange the goods & cash, and DONE! Easy peasy!


I’ve listed A LOT of really great stuff on Poshmark over the last year or so. Fancy coats, designer label skirts & tops, to brand new makeup products, and it has always gone well. You list your items, someone buys through Poshmark, you print the label, ship, and everyone is happy! It’s pretty no-fuss and payments are timely once the item has been received by the buyer. Sign up with my link for $5 off your first order – use code KELSEE422!


If you’ve got a lot of books, DVDs, or CDs, this is a VERY simple way to get some cash on your media items. Decluttr is searching for ALL media, so that also includes games & gaming devices, cell phones, tablets, and other related items. You download the app on your phone, scan your items with barcodes or enter more information about the technology you wish to sell, and then print the box label. You package it all up and send it out and they make a payment the next day after your items arrive. Another no-fuss way to ditch the stuff you don’t want anymore!

No matter what you choose to do with your purged items, it’s highly likely that they’ll be of better use to someone else…rather than wasting away in a trash heap. ALWAYS get a receipt and keep track of the items you donate for tax purposes. These types of donations do add up once tax season rolls around!


Tell me in the comments: Where are your favorite places to donate or sell your unwanted items? In Indy or elsewhere?

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