Kelsee's Favorite Apps for Long Road Trips

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in my car this year driving some fairly long distances. That said, since some people are gearing up for some long holiday drives to visit family, I’ve got some great app recommendations for a successful road trip! Whether it’s for safety, information, entertainment, or other things that might


Mystic Connecticut

After taking in so much history over my time in Massachusetts (Salem and Concord), I thought I was just going to visit Mystic, CT because I am a fan of the crazy 80’s movie, Mystic Pizza. Boy, was I wrong! After my (shorter) day in Concord, I was only about two-ish hours from Mystic, so


Indy 500? NOPE!

Oh, the Indy 500 is today? I live in Indianapolis and the only reason I know the race is today is that I watched the parade yesterday and it’s Memorial Day weekend. I also live in Indianapolis where the race is held, so that helps. I think the facilities that host the Indy 500 are


Mental Health Awareness Month - May 2017

Did you know that May is National Mental Health Awareness Month? I never remember what cause goes with what month, but this one is sticking out in my brain this year. Since it’s at the forefront of my mind this year, I thought it was appropriate to write about. Mental illness has affected many people


Election Season Craziness

I bet you’re feeling it. I bet part of you even hates it. I can’t lie…I actually kind of love it. I usually keep quiet about political things because I know my candor about it all sometimes makes people uncomfortable, but I’m always open to discuss with anyone who wants to talk politics with me.

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