Kelsee’s Favorite Apps for Long Road Trips

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I’ve spent a fair amount of time in my car this year driving some fairly long distances. That said, since some people are gearing up for some long holiday drives to visit family, I’ve got some great app recommendations for a successful road trip! Whether it’s for safety, information, entertainment, or other things that might help on a long trip, here are some apps to put on your phone!


Everyone has a personal preference for their choice of navigation apps. I really enjoy Mapquest, but some people are fine with Google Maps and others are devoted to Waze. I’m stuck on Mapquest because I can set a filter that allows me to see things like gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc. along my route. I also enjoy the traffic updates that show up live on the app as you’re driving! Also, Mapquest allows you add multiple stops on a journey.


GasBuddy is super useful if you want to save on gas costs. The app uses your location to find the cheapest (and most expensive gas) nearby. If you’re looking to save a few bucks and see what the prices are all around you, this can be helpful. You can even search for specific kinds of gas if you need something more than regular – diesel, premium, etc.

Your Insurance App

I always have my insurance app on my phone. You never know when there may be an emergency! You’ll have your card information in a safe location if you need it when you have the app on your phone. I also have roadside assistance through my insurance provider, so having access to that with the tap of a button makes me feel a little more secure in these situations.

Hotel Tonight or AirBnb

You’ve probably already made your lodging plans, but even the best-laid plans can change! Hotel Tonight allows you to see nearby rooms that are often available at a discount cost for last minute bookings. You can choose from “Basic” hotels and go all the way up to “Hip” or “Luxe.” Use my code “KEHANKINS” for $25 off!

However, I usually prefer to grab a nearby Airbnb if the option is available. They are usually cheaper and you may be able to get a few more things you want at a better overall price.


I think Glympse is a great app if you’re traveling alone. It is an easy way to share your real-time location with people who may want to know your whereabouts. I’ve been able to choose a contact and send them my location and give them the chance to track me for as long I’ve wanted. Very simple and helps people know where you are while traveling.

Road Trippers

I love Roadtrippers for the sheer reason of being able to see what attractions you may pass on the way to your destination. This app has everything from traditional tourist attractions, national parks, campsites, monuments, abandoned points of interest – you can find some off-the-wall stuff here to check out. It is well worth it if you like to see spots that are off the beaten path.


Another easy choice for me! I love being able to pull up Yelp and read reviews about places nearby. Being able to see restaurants, stores, museums, even some events that are available nearby is extremely helpful when you’re on the road.


Obviously, you’ll need some sort of entertainment while you’re in your car! II’m partial to the Apple Podcast App since I’m usually a podcast binger when I’m on long trips. Go here for some of my podcast recommendations.

I’m also partial to listening to audiobooks! Audible has an app so that you can listen to books on your phone. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, this is a no-brainer! You’ve probably already got some books available to you to download!

You’ll also probably want some music! I usually use YouTube Music or Amazon Music, but Spotify is another great option!

Bonus Recommendations

Also, if you plan to be running all of these apps on your phone while you’re traveling, invest in a good charging apparatus. Don’t forget the cords either – you might want some extras! Make sure the cords are long enough to reach from your phone to the charging port and auxiliary ports.

Here’s wishing you safe and fun travels this holiday season!

Do you take any long road trips during the holidays? What are your favorite tools & apps?

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  1. I don’t fancy driving too much, but I love road trips! I am actually taking one next month and will try out a few of the apps I never have before… thanks for the tips girlie all super awesome!

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