Giving Wine as a Gift: Tips for the Last-Minute Gifter

Wine Gifts

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Wine Gifts

Raise your hand if you’re all done shopping? Every other year, I’d say yes. This year, I’m so behind.

Raise your hand if your gifts are all wrapped up too? Ha. Not yet.

Normally, I’m the most “on it” Christmas shopper, not this year. I’m slacking. Too much work (YAY!) and so little time (blaaaargh) makes Kelsee a terrible elf these days! However, what I have is wrapped and prepped to go, so that’s a win. Hopefully, I’ll get to the stores I need in the next couple days, or else this could get epic! I didn’t want to give up my sleeping time to go Christmas shopping – so sorry to my gift recipients! 🙂

That said, one of my favorite last minute gifts to give is…WINE!

I love giving wine. It’s almost too simple! There’s literally something for everyone. And if they don’t like it, it’s easy to share with someone else…or even regift it! But, if you’re unsure of quite how to gift wine this holiday, here are a few tips to get you started.

Consider the Receiver

Do they even like wine?!?! This is important! I’ve witnessed people receive wine as a gift WHO DON’T DRINK WINE. This is not good. Use your brain and think about what you notice them drinking at dinner or at parties. If they seem to stick to the basics, consider buying them a brand that might be the “next step up.” Stick to wines that can be consumed soon after receiving them and not ones that need some specific long-term storage arrangement. Or, if they are travelers, think about places that they’ve visited! Portugal? France? Spain? Italy? California? Many of these places will give you lots of options.

Ask a Professional

This can be a tricky gift if you don’t drink wine at all. However, most wine shops or wineries will have staff members that can give you some pointers within your price range. Let the professionals guide you if you are just completely out of your element. Many times you can say that “my friend drinks _____ and _____, what can you recommend?” and that will be enough for them to present you with a few options at different price points.

Get Some Bubbles

Champagne is always appropriate. It works for birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries – it’s all good with some bubbles! Don’t be afraid to venture out to some lesser known brands here either. Check out some prosecco or cava options if you’re trying to branch out with your gift.

Avoid the Most Obscure Choices

Unless you know the palate of the receiver well, don’t go for the most obscure varietal you can find. They might not appreciate the randomness as much as you. Stick with a staple and gauge their openness to a new type at some other time. However, if their total wine snobs and you’re up for a challenge, bring them something totally off the wall!

Say No to the Gift Set

Pretty much any wine or liquor store worth their weight will offer you gift sets & bundles. These bundles may include things like corkscrews, wine glasses, and the like. Chances are those are added so that you don’t look at what kind of wine you may be gifting. It’s pretty likely that those accessories have been added to the mix because the wine choice isn’t necessarily the best quality. So just say no, get your bottle only, and move on with it.


I’ll always recommend the Wine of the Month clubs for dedicated wine drinkers. There’s something for everyone in those and you can often tailor the preferences to your own or to those of your recipient! Or leave it all up in the air and let them decide!

Wine is such a simple thing to come by – it’s at the grocery, the corner store, the pharmacy, wineries, and lest I forget the specialty shops are popping up all over the place these days! So, if you’re slackin’ this holiday (much like myself), don’t hesitate to grab some wine as a gift! It’s the perfect last-minute grab & go gift option!

Do you give wine as a gift? Yes or no? Any favorites?

2 thoughts on “Giving Wine as a Gift: Tips for the Last-Minute Gifter

  1. I love to get and give wine as a gift! Champagne too… it’s always my go-to since I’m typically last minute with my gift giving LOL

    But I must admit this year I was a lot more thoughtful and well planned out thanks to your previous posts/guides!! Happy holidays to you Kelsee!!

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