Why Gift Giving is My Favorite

Why Give Gifts

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Why Give Gifts

The holiday season is upon us, so gift giving will be at an all-time high verrrrrry shortly!

If you ask my family & friends, they’ll tell you that I am really good at giving gifts. I’m really good at looking at my friends, family, co-workers, and so on to find good gift ideas. I’m always listening for dropped hints, things they’ll need or use, or if they give me a list (ex: my nephew), I’m always wondering what I might buy them.

I’m pretty intuitive about gift giving, so even if you think I’m aloof about what I am getting you as a present, that’s probably not the case. While giving gifts can be difficult for some people, I sincerely love it and it’s one of my favorite things to do!

Here are just a few of the reasons that I love giving gifts!

First, It’s One of My Love Languages

For me in The Five Love Languages, Receiving Gifts only ranks second to Acts of Service. It would make sense that I would also show love in one of the ways that I would enjoy receiving love. Again, this is just me personally and isn’t the case for everyone. Simply put: I love to receive gifts, so I love to give gifts.

Strengthens Bonds & Expresses Love

In my experience, you give gifts to people that you want to have some sort of relationship with. Whether these relationships are romantic, familial, or friendly, giving gifts to people you care about can be an expression of love. Especially if you don’t spend a lot of time together throughout the year.

Makes Others Feel Special & Shows That You Pay Attention

Whether or not you’ll be receiving a gift in return, actually receiving a gift makes people feel special. Getting a gift makes you feel thought of and cared about because someone actually took the time to give you a gift. I love showing people that I think of them with a thoughtful or useful gift. It’s a simple gesture that shows that I “see” them and recognize what they bring to my life.

Feels Good to Give

I personally think it just feels good to give. I like knowing that I can bring a little sunshine to people’s days with a small gift (or two). I also live for some of the great facial expressions that I get when people open their gifts from me. As an aunt, my favorite part is when my nephew opens a gift and starts playing with it right away and forgets that he still has 10 more presents to unwrap.

Fun Fact: I’m close to done buying for Christmas 2017! I’ve got only two more people to pick something up for before calling it a wrap!

Gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult – do what you can with what you can and enjoy it! Don’t think too much about it, you might actually have fun this year!

Tell me in the comments: Do you enjoy giving gifts for holidays and special occasions? Why or why not?

4 thoughts on “Why Gift Giving is My Favorite

    1. Absolutely! Look at when people use the phrases “I’ll get that someday” or “If only…” Listening for phrases like that can clue you in to things that they might like, but would never buy for themselves.

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