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Monthly Moments – April 2018

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April was a welcome respite to the insanity that was the first quarter of the year. It was a good month of client work and part-time jobs, so that was super exciting. It really is the little things! 🙂 Let’s chat about my April Monthly Moments!



Health & Beauty

I graduated from physical therapy at ATI Physical Therapy Downtown Indianapolis…again! It’s a love/hate relationship, but I’m glad it’s done for now!

Who else here has found themselves needing multiple types of concealer? Just me? Ok. Anyways, rather than carrying around all the small little color concealer sticks, you can just get this one thing instead. I’m all about efficiency, especially when I’m hustling to put makeup on! It’s a great time & space saver. Available at Ulta & Target!


Twas the season for getting out my new shoes – aka my Nikes needed to be replaced! Luckily, when I was in New Hampshire last summer, I stocked up on a couple extra pairs (tax-free!) at the North Conway Outlet Mall. When you’re on “Team Flat Foot” you need ALL of the extra arch and side support you can get. So far, these are rocking it! They’re also available on Amazon!


I also had to invest in a new black skirt for the upcoming performance of Kiss Me Kate that I’m in at the end of May. Poshmark delivered for a cool $10! Easy Peasy! 

Get $5 off your first purchase when you sign up for Postmark with my code “KELSEE422” 



I’ve mostly been catching up on theatre podcasts over the last few weeks! I highly recommend Theater People, Broadway Backstory, Little Known Facts, and The Producer’s Perspective.


I’ve been (luckily) so busy coming up with content for my self and other people that I haven’t made much time in my schedule to focus on reading! That said, I did finish one book! Failing Up: How to Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning by Leslie Odom, Jr. was completed pretty quickly. As a theatre person, his story definitely resonated with me. I also think there are plenty of lessons to take away if you run your own business or if you’re just feeling like maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your life. He’s very vulnerable in his storytelling and I can definitely get behind that. 



The month of birthdays means lots of tasty foods. Including a visit to one of my favorite places in Indy – Livery! When you’re celebrating your birthday and you find that the street corn is back on the menu…you go quickly! It didn’t even survive for a photo!

I even got to cook a bit this month which was pretty exciting! This is a Bacon Wrapped Mustard Chicken Dish inspired by The Spiffy Cookie



I would like to thank Hulu for delivering 90s television goodness to my living room TV screen. I’ver been writing a lot with some of my favorite childhood TV shows in the background. We’re talking Full House, Dawson’s Creek, 7th Heaven, and My So-Called Life. IT’S LITERALLY ALL THERE! 



  • So many awesome people celebrated birthdays this month – friends, co-workers, not to mention ME! 🙂 Many celebrations with oodles of tasty treats happened. 
  • I was a Camp NaNoWriMo winner! That really just means I set a major word goal for myself & my writing during the month of April. I joined the online writing challenge and I exceeded my goal (by like 85 words), so I won the challenge! 
  • I was a judge again for the National History Day program in Indiana! It’s one of my favorite opportunities to work with young historians and performers each year. 
  • If you know me, you know that I love Dancing with the Stars. It’s one of my “things.” Not sure why, but I seriously love it! Had a blast this month checking out Maks, Val, & Peta’s Confidential Tour when it came to Indianapolis!
  • Saw one of my favorite plays of all-time, Noises Off! at Indiana Repertory Theatre.
  • Started rehearsals for Kiss Me Kate with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra – we perform May 19 & 20!
  • Swung on some Tarzan swings and flew down some zip lines at Go Ape Indianapolis
  • Decided on what shows I’m directing this summer – stay tuned! 


Talk to me all about April! Tell me what’s been happening with you all in the comments!


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