Effectively Let Go Of Your Past Starting Now

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Letting go of the past can be easier said than done. If a person has been through something that they found traumatic, upsetting, or just plain difficult to navigate, it’s likely they will carry this with them for years. Even people who think they don’t hold on to their past may find that things that have happened affect the way they feel, think, and act today.

With the techniques outlined in this post, you may feel free from your past and able to move forward. Read on to learn more.

Figure Out Why You’re Holding On To Your Past

First, you need to work out why you’re holding on to your past. Is there a lesson to be learned from it? Do you simply associate yourself so much with this event that you struggle to let it go, through fear you’ll lose who you are or were at the time?

People hold on to the past for a plethora of different reasons. People don’t like to hear this, but as a species, we love to suffer. We think our pain makes us unique, and we relish in sharing it any chance we get. However, repeating what has happened can make it even harder to let it go. Work on what you are able to learn from the situation, how you can become a better person, and remember that you’ll be happier when you stop telling yourself the story.

Try An Unusual Technique

There are many unusual techniques for letting go of the past that may seem strange to some. Some people, for example, like to meditate. In fact, meditation isn’t all that unusual; it teaches us to live in the moment, clear out all of the junk in our heads, and live a life more full. Some people like to use something called the ‘tapping technique’, which involves repeating new stories and beliefs while tapping set points on the face and body. Some people like to speak to a psychic or medium from a place like Psychic light to gain clarity and peace of mind. It’s all down to the individual and what they believe will work for them!


Consider Counseling To Therapy

Sometimes, it’s important to talk through what happened so you can move past it. There’s no use bottling it up and pushing it down, as many issues can come as a result of this. Finding a qualified counselor or therapist could be the right choice for somebody struggling to let go.


Learn How To Live In The Now

Living in the now is important for a full, happy life. Anxiety usually comes from living in the future, and depression can often come from living in the past. Neither of those moments exists right now; all we have is the present. Focusing on the exact moment you’re in now can be comforting and freeing.


Introduce Exciting New Things Into Your Life

Introducing new, exciting things into your life can bring you a new sense of purpose and meaning. Why not try a new class, explore a new hobby, make new friends, or do something else that excites you and helps you to grow?




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