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Task Rabbit Review Kelsee B. Hankins

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In the past (and even more recently), Task Rabbit has been a saving grace for my busy days. When my schedule is filled to the brim, I’m always looking for tasks to delegate to someone else. Whether that’s cleaning (more often than not), dropping off donations, picking up dry cleaning, etc., Task Rabbit has proven invaluable to me, and I can’t believe I haven’t been more vocal about my love of Task Rabbit with you all before now. 

What’s Task Rabbit?

I’m so glad I can tell you about it! From the Task Rabbit website, “TaskRabbit is an online service that connects people with trusted, reliable Taskers from their local communities who can help get work done in and around the home. From assembling furniture and minor home repairs, to home cleaning and running errands, TaskRabbit is help for life.

Take a look at the app below:

Task Rabbit App Kelsee B. Hankins
Task Rabbit App Kelsee B. Hankins

Once you download the app, you can search through the different categories of tasks that are available. It’s so easy! You do have to add a credit card to your account in the app for pre-authorization – it’s a small charge just to make sure your card is active.

  1. Choose your task and enter a few specific details about your task (location, an approximate amount of time, share a photo of the project, etc.), and the app will show you available Taskers in your area. 
  2. Choose the Tasker based on their reviews or hourly rate. Each Tasker profile must include a photo so you can see who you’re hiring. 
  3. Chat in the app with your Tasker to discuss your project details and schedule an exact time. 
  4. Then, the miracle happens! The Tasker shows up at the assigned time and completes the project or task. If you like the work they’ve done, you can mark them as a “favorite” in your app and hire them in the future. 
  5. Finally, when the task is completed, the Tasker will send you an itemized invoice that breaks down the hourly charges, any reimbursements (for supplies, mileage, etc.), and the Task Rabbit Trust & Support Fee. If you love the work completed by the Tasker, you can also leave a tip for a job well done. It’s all done through the app, and no cash has to change hands.

NOTE: There are often promos and discounts available for some tasks! Like this one – Click here for $10 off your first service!

Task Rabbit Kelsee B. Hankins

Why I Use Task Rabbit

For me, I’ve found the cleaning, organizing, and errand services most helpful. As a single person with MANY irons in the fire, I simply need the help. When I’m juggling deadlines, traveling, or directing, the hours can really add up, and I don’t want to spend all of my free time cleaning. 

I love how I can look at my calendar to find a date that works and literally hop on the app and find a Tasker for that day. I think I’ve only had one time where I had to schedule something a little further out until we found a date that would work. Usually, it’s within 2-3 days that I can get a task handled. 

Another perk for Task Rabbit is that it supports people in my community. People in my community who need flexible work, or need additional income, or college students looking to work between their classes – it’s a simple tool that helps me and helps someone support themselves. 

I DEFINITELY recommend checking to see if TaskRabbit is available in your area! If you’re ready to outsource some tasks, click here for $10 off your first service – it doesn’t matter which kind!

If you give it a try, I’d love to hear about your experiences! And, if you’re in the Indy area, I can recommend a couple of my favorite Taskers!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: Do you outsource any household tasks? Or are you still doing it all? Why or why not?

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