Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

Girl holding plant - gift guide for plant lovers

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Thanks to Rona, we’re living in a whole new world of houseplants. If you’re like me at least, you’ve turned your home into a jungle of sorts. Needless to say, plant therapy was a lifesaver, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Plant lovers are excited to talk about their plants, how they display them, and really just chat about anything related to plants. Not to mention that many things related to plants are also environmentally friendly, so it is almost a win-win!

Here are nine fun things that would make great gifts for plant lovers in your life!

Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

Plant Mister & Watering Can – Sure, they could have a cup or a spray bottle for watering plants, but a matching set just ups the ante for plant parenthood.

Oak Oblong Trio Wall Propagation Set – Anyone with plants knows that eventually you’re going to have to propagate a plant or two. This wall set makes it easy to display what is about to take root!

Terrarium Candle from Uncommon Goods – If you’re clueless about plants, this candle is just perfect for the plant aesthetic. Bonus: it also smells good!

Plant Name Badges – A little hokey and silly, but a cute way for plant lovers to decorate their plants. Plus, these come as a set!

Sprout Aerogarden – This aerogarden would be a great addition to a plant collector’s jungle – especially if they live in an apartment or someplace with minimal green space. The aerogarden allows food plants to grow 5x faster than in a traditional outdoor garden.

Holiday Cactus – Ahh, the holiday cactus! This winter succulent has the strength to make it to Easter and beyond, plus they bloom in different colors.

Perfectly Watered Plant Pot from Uncommon Goods – For the plant lover who is often away or has lots of plants with various watering schedules, this plant pot makes it easy to make sure your plant always has the right amount of water.

It’s Not Hoarding If Its Plants T-Shirt – I mean, it’s really not hoarding if it is a plant. You can never have too many and this shirt just proves it.

Uplift Planter & Grow Light – This light is perfect for a home that has minimal natural lighting. The detachable and adjustable light on top is great if there are a variety of plant sizes that could fit in the stand. Comes in several colors to match different decor styles.

Bonus Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

If you’re local to Indianapolis/Central Indiana, might I recommend checking out one or two of these local shops if you’re seeking some plant-related goodies?

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: What would you add to this list for plant lovers? Are you a plant lover with something specific on your list?

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