9 Indianapolis Experiences That Make Great Gifts

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Y’all, it’s true! I’m that girl who much prefers experiences over material items. Seriously, as a minimalist, I’m always looking for ways to keep my home intentional and eliminate clutter & excess storage. I’m more about doing things than having things. Make sense? Do you know another minimalist in the Indy area who doesn’t want stuff? I highly suggest checking out some of these Indianapolis experience gifts to give your loved ones a great experience…instead of just something that will sit around and collect dust. Some of these won’t be so fun in the cold months (particularly the outdoor ones), but they’ll give you something to look forward to in the spring!

Try out one of these Indianapolis experience gifts, take some photos, and make some great memories instead! [UPDATED FOR 2023!]

9 Indianapolis Experience Gifts for the People in Your Life

Macaron Bar

More InformationPrice: Classes start at $95. Pairing events are less!

Book a class at the downtown Indianapolis location of Macaron Bar! Located on Mass Ave, you can make a whole night/afternoon out of it! I was fortunate to check out a little preview class some time ago, and it was the sweetest (pun intended) experience. Learning about the art of “macaronage” is a real thing! Practice making the cookies and the fillings, and take home the ones that you make! Bookend your class with a lovely brunch or dinner, and it’s a great day! Perfect for those who love cooking and baking! You can even take a kiddo with you!


More InformationPrice: Classes start at $50 – Varies based on which class you choose!

If you’ve got someone on your list who loves chocolate, this is perfect. Book a class about making chocolate or a class that combines chocolate and wine! It’s super easy! Plus, they have a special class just for the kids if you’re looking for something new to try. Can’t decide on what particular class? No problem, buy a gift certificate.


More InformationPrice: Adults – $59.95

This one is perfect for the outdoorsy types and adventure seekers! If your loved one is full of energy and likes a good adrenaline rush, I recommend this. Climb ladders, zip-line through the trees, and have a great time together. I wrote about my experience here, and I’d definitely do it again. It’s a fun one-time experience or a repeat experience for those who have already tried it once!

Penn & Beech

More InformationPrice: Pour Your Own candles start at $20 – varies depending on which vessel you choose!

As a fun gift idea, plan a trip to the downtown or Carmel stores to create your custom fragrance. You can pour a candle, make a reed diffuser, or even a room spray. Plan for a whole hour for the creating/pouring process, expect larger crowds on the weekends and be prepared to pick up your candles 2 hours (or later) after you’ve poured them. Candles are great gifts, plus they have glassware options that match most home decor! It’s a win-win – it will smell good and look good! Simple and easy! Reservations are highly suggested, and they have gift cards!

Sur la Table Carmel Cooking Classes

More InformationPrice: Varies based on the class you choose

These Sur la Table classes are great options for those who love spending time in the kitchen. Reserve some spots in a class of your choice at their Carmel location and enjoy making desserts, pizza, risotto, ravioli, pies, or recipes from an Instant Pot! There are so many options! Great for couples or even kids!

Classes at Great Fermentations

More InformationPrice: Depends on the class you choose

Do you know someone who is a homebrewer or likes to make wine, kombucha, or cheese? This is the PERFECT experience for them! Every class gives you the chance to learn a little something new and have something to bring home with you! This team of brewers and vintners combined have over 45 years of experience – so if you or someone you know wants to learn how to do these things, you should start here!

A Trip to the Indy Salt Cave

More InformationPrice: Adults – $35

Know someone who needs the gift of peace and quiet? Or at least some quality alone time? This is one experience to consider. The healing cave is calm and peaceful and has many healing benefits to make it a worthwhile option. Salt caves are known to reduce respiratory and skin issues plus boost up the immune system. Additional services like a hand & foot detox or halotherapy can be added to the experience!

Trail Rides at Natural Valley Ranch

More InformationPrice: Starts at $25/person

This ranch is located just outside of Indianapolis in Brownsburg, Indiana. For those who are constantly living the city life, a chance to get out in nature and ride horses can be an enjoyable experience! You can choose from 30 to 60-minute guided trail rides that take riders along the banks of White Lick Creek. Definitely an excellent option for those who love animals and horseback riding but may not get to do so as often as they’d like. The ranch is open for most of the year (weather permitting), so riders could potentially take advantage of most of the seasons!

The Indy Racing Experience

More InformationPrice: Starts at $499/person

Zoom around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a professional IndyCar driver. Experience high speeds and g-forces around the track. Participants must be 18+ and under 6’5 for this experience.

BONUS! Even More Indianapolis Experience Gift Ideas!

Mass Ave Food Tour

More InformationPrice: Starts at $73 per person

Take a walking tour of Mass Ave restaurants and explore the various cuisines available in this popular Indy neighborhood! You’ll find a wide variety of dishes that range from hearty German food to desserts made with local ingredients – some of the best food in Indianapolis!

Indianapolis has plenty to offer in the range of experiences, and these are only a few! Indianapolis has many museums where you can purchase membership gifts and many venues for concerts and shows for which you can buy tickets! The options are endless. When buying gifts, don’t necessarily think it has to be an item! Gifts of experience can mean so much more and keep possible things from going into storage or, worse..the trash!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: What are some of your favorite experience gifts? What would you like to give or receive?

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  1. Right there with ya! I have very little material items on my wish list and only have them because certain family members refuse to buy experiences?! These are all great options! I hadn’t heard of PlantNite!

    1. I’ve never done it myself, but I have friends who’ve shared fun stories! It sounds like a good time, so I’d love to try it. I’ve just got to convince someone to give me a ticket as a gift!

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