Why Splurge on a Luxury Cruise on Your Next Travel Adventure?

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When planning your next travel adventure, booking a luxury cruise trip might need to be added to your list. You might assume they’re just a more expensive version of a regular cruise.

That’s where you’re mistaken. Travel Weekly reports that luxury cruising is thriving, with bookings 44% higher compared to 2022. That’s because more travelers are starting to see the appeal of the array of vacation options it offers, with most of them promising private experiences. If that’s not enough to convince you, though, here are other reasons why you should splurge on a luxury cruise for your next travel adventure.

It has all-inclusive, immersive, and tailored itineraries

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Before a trip, you typically have to plan where to stay, how to get there, and what to do. Often, these need to be booked separately, and special activities can take a lot of planning and organizing. This can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

While all cruises offer their own itineraries, when you splurge on a luxury cruise, you open yourself up to unique and tailored itineraries curated by travel experts. Explora Journeys offers destination experiences, allowing passengers to participate in multiple bespoke activities, all organized by the liner, across their trip that most travelers would base an entire holiday around. On their Mediterranean cruise, you can take a history hike at Notre Dame de la Serra, while if you’re heading to the Caribbean, you can catch waves at Isla Verde in Puerto Rico. You can even ask for a customized list of activities to do—regardless of the destination you’re heading to. You’ll only find these immersive itineraries on luxury cruises.

It offers first-class dining experiences for various cuisines

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Adventuring isn’t limited to exploring destinations, as you can enjoy cuisines worldwide.

On a luxury cruise, you’ll experience the menu of top chefs in restaurants and in-suites. Crystal Cruises’ Serenity cruise recently underwent a multi-million-dollar refurbishment, which included an exclusive in-suite dining service. Its current dining experiences range from Japanese-Peruvian cuisine from Master Chef Noboyuki Matsuhusa’s Umi Uma restaurant to original Italian dishes from Crystal’s talented chefs at the Osteria D’Ovidio. There’s even a buffet-style open-air dining area where you can eat with a sea view—a unique adventure for your eyes and taste buds!

An elevated level of service

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Traveling can be hectic. In your excitement to hop on your luxury cruise, you may have forgotten to pack appropriate footwear. Or maybe you’re tired after surfing and need help washing your rash guard.

Fortunately, the amount you spend on a luxury cruise can make up the difference—and then some, as you’ll find yourself being waited on hand and foot by the staff. On Celebrity Cruises, they’ll wash your surfing gear through their laundry and dry cleaning services. If you lack specific gear—like hiking shoes—for your next land activity, you can request staff to buy a pair at one of the cruise’s shops. You’ll also have personalized concierge services to care for your luggage during your arrival and departure. They’ll even preside over your trip to the ship’s spa! With attentive and considerate crew members, you won’t have to worry about much on a luxury cruise.

You’ll feel at home in its state-of-the-art suites

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After your adventures, you’ll want to relax, and enjoy a warm bath and bed to sleep in. After all, my post, Five Tips for Better Sleep While Traveling, recommends getting comfortable first for the best results.

If you decide to splurge on a luxury cruise, you’ll find that you’ll have bought yourself the best night’s sleep possible while traveling, as their suites are specifically designed to feel like a home away from home. In particular, Seabourn has one of the best suites available. Its Penthouse Spa Suite, for instance, has a marble bath with luxury products, a queen-sized bed, and a veranda accessible through a glass door. This helps you relax, and the glass doors ensure that your adventures don’t stop: you can continue “exploring” by looking out at the sea while you’re in the tub or bed.

Luxury cruises are definitely worth splurging on if you want to treat yourself to a stress-free, high-end experience. Consider booking a spot for your next travel adventure!

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