Coffee Shops You Need To Visit In Indianapolis This Fall

Indianapolis Coffee Shops to Visit

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UPDATED: October 2022

Indianapolis DOES NOT disappoint when it comes to cute and fun coffee shops! Indianapolis has you covered when the cooler temperatures hit and you need a caffeine fix.

Below, I’ve highlighted some of my personal favorites around town, separated by their location. Some shops are ones that I still want to visit, but it looks like they have some fall options worth checking out!

If you love pumpkin spice and everything nice (at least when it comes to coffee), make a stop at one of these Indianapolis coffee shops for their delicious fall-themed beverages.

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The Ultimate List of Coffee Shops You Need To Visit In Indianapolis This Fall


  • Amberson – If they make it, it’s good. I’m not sure if they’re rocking anything specifically seasonal this year, but it’s worth a stop!
  • Blue Collar Coffee Co. – PLENTY of fall options, and their regular menu is highly recommended by me. Chai drinks, maple lattes, pumpkin cold brew – I’m all about it.
  • Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Co. – Hi! Honey Cardamom Latte, please!
  • Cath Coffee in City Market – I actually love stopping at this little stand in City Market! They’ve got Pumpkin Spice coffee and a Pumpkin Spic Mocha on their menu now!
  • Chronic Coffee – I need to get my hands on their Toasted Marshmallow Latte…YESTERDAY! Or The Buddha (it’s a peanut butter hot cocoa)!
  • Command Coffee – Maple Brown Sugar Macchiatos, Toasted Marshmallow Lattes, PSLs, Candy Apple Frappe (what?! yum!), and a Chocolate Chai!??!! These all sound amazing.
  • Cups Coffee Indy (also has a North Location) – Pumpkin Pie options, Caramel Sensation, White Pumpkin Mocha, and a Jack-O-Lantern Latte are all available at this locally owned shop!
  • Dry Bones Mudhouse – I’ve heard of their Toffee Caramel Crunch Latte, Apple Pie Tea Latte, and Bad Apple Lattes, but I haven’t tried them yet!
  • Foundation Coffee Company – Their fall offerings basically make me drool over here: a London Smog Latte, PB & J Latte, Chai Apple Cider, and a Bourbon Orange Thyme Latte. Ok, take my money.
  • Garden Table – Get the Socks & Sandals latte – it has vanilla, maple, cinnamon, and nutmeg!
  • Goldleaf Savory & Sweet – The Apple Of My Chai beverage sounds delicious!
  • Parlor Public House – Their Instagram page is sharing photos of their fall latte offerings every so often and they all sound fantastic for fall. Nana’s Teeth (a pear cobbler chai), The Godfather (it has Everything Bagel seasoning!), Eye of Newt (cold brew with mulled syrup and fruit), and the Gretel (with caramel and popcorn) are what I’ve seen so far and they look tasty!
  • Provider – Several of their signature lattes are kind of seasonal-ish for fall, but the newest one I’ve tried is the Spiced Demerara Latte. It’s perfect for autumn!
  • Prufrock Coffee Company – Still need to visit this one, but have heard delicious things about the Persimmon Latte and Rosemary Latte.
  • Quills Coffee – I haven’t been here since they moved locations, but these fall drinks might make me change that! The Lantern (pumpkin spice latte), The Woodsman (brown sugar & cinnamon latte), The Goatman (hazelnut mocha), or The Road Less Traveled (turmeric ginger coconut steamer) are all options this fall!
  • Tinker Coffee – I needed to get my booty to The AMP yesterday to try some of these! The Bourbon Caramel, The Chaider, and the Maple Miso are calling my name!


  • Neidhammer – Everything seasonal here looks amazing! Plus, I’m already a fan of their signature stuff! The fall options include an Apple Butter Latte, Lumberjack Latte, Pumpkin Patch Latte, and the Pear Flash Brew!
  • Rabble Coffee – Their seasonal options look VERY unique! Like the Purple Phase (horchata/tea latte with hibiscus, ginger, carrot, rice, and cinnamon) or the Peachy Jean (peach, lemon, anise seed, topped with toasted rosemary).


  • Best Friends Coffee & Bagels – I just want to talk about their cold brew flight! Next time I’m passing through the ‘burg, I HAVE TO TRY THESE! Vampire Blood (spicy hot chocolate), Candy Apple (caramel green apple), Witch’s Brew (spiced maple), and Pumpkin Cheesecake…COME ON!
  • Founders Grounds – They have a BONFIRE S’MORES LATTE!
  • Mansion Society – This historic location is offering up a fall/winter menu that just sounds amazing! Bread & Butter (sea salt butterscotch), The Lou (cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, peppercorn, orange), The Goldie (brown sugar, cinnamon, peach), and that’s not even all of them!
  • MOTW Coffee & Pastries (also a Fishers/North location) – Creamy Brown Sugar Cinnamon Lattes, Maple Spice Lattes, all the chai options – I need to try this one, but have heard good things!
  • The Spark Coffee – This Speedway spot is brewing some tasty fall drinks, like the Butter Pecan Chai, Apple Butter Latte, or the Strongly Worded Email Latte. They’ve also got a couple of different pumpkin options, too!


  • Geist Coffee Company – I’m not entirely sure what a Red Cappuccino is, but I’m sure I’d probably try it!
  • The Haverstick – The fall specials menu really just screams fall and cozy to me. Honey Pistachio, Maple Pecan, Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew, and an Autumn Cider! They also have a Hav-Gives-Back Latte (white mocha and pumpkin spice) that benefits Shepherd Community Center.
  • Indie Coffee Roasters – Their fall signature beverage, The Cobbler (chai, oat milk, apple, maple, spice, cinnamon), sounds absolutely fantastic! If I was on the northside more often, I’d be trying it ASAP!
  • Java House (also Midtown/Downtown locations!) – I’m a year-round cold brew queen, and this is their specialty! I’ve had their pods and bottled coffees, so needless to say, I’m a fan of their store-made beverages, too!
  • Noble Coffee & Tea Co. – Pumpkin Frappes and Butter Beer are on their fall menu! I think I’m more curious about their Hopscotch Latte – butterscotch and pistachio!
  • Rivet Coffee – Instagram says they have 3 fall beverages to try! Angry Gourd Latte, Cozy Caramel Latte, and the Apple Pie Chai are on the menu.
  • Roasted in the Village – They’ve got the standard PSL, but also a Nutella Con Panna that looks delicious.
  • Rose & Lois – I was first introduced to them via their mobile espresso bar at an event once, but haven’t visited their shop! But the fall drinks – Pumpkin Pie Latte, Caramel Apple Cold Brew, Caramel Apple Latte, Caramel Apple Spice, Chocolate Banana Bread Latte – might draw me up there!
  • Schoolhouse 7 Cafe – Again, another one I haven’t made the drive to, but I could be persuaded at this point! Black Cat Mocha, Jack-o-lantern Latte, Harvest Moon Latte, Cozy Cold Brew with Foam, or the Pumpkin Pie Chai all sound amazing!
  • Well Coffeehouse Fishers – They’ve got some standard pumpkin bevies, but I’m VERY, VERY curious about the Black Cat – a mocha with charcoal and cayenne!


  • Coffeehouse Five – Stop here for their Pumpkin Latte or Pumpkin Chai Latte!
  • Helm Coffee – I haven’t tried their Maple Brown Sugar Cold Brew, but every post I see from their shop looks delicious and has a good review!
  • Lincoln Lane Coffee Co. – Midwest Sunset, Caramel Apple Spice, Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel Maple, Honey Lavender – WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO SAY!?
  • Mocha Nut Coffee Shop – Pumpkin. Pie. Latte. I need it. Also, S’MORES LATTES. I wish they were closer!
  • Silver Linings Coffeehouse – I really want everything on their fall menu – all the pumpkin options, obviously. That said, the Blackberry Caramel Crisp Latte and The Friday Night Lights (cherry hazelnut latte) sound so good!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: What’s your favorite fall coffee (or not) beverage? Where do you find it?

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