BOOK REVIEW: 100 Things to Do in Indiana Before You Die

100 Things to Do in Indiana Before You Die

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Indiana isn’t always one of those places that immediately grabs your attention when you talk about this state. Many people call Indiana “flyover country” – where all we seem to have is corn, high school sports, and some questionable lawmakers. I even know some people who couldn’t place Indiana on a map of the United States until I mentioned our proximity to Chicago!

Most people likely wouldn’t consider Indiana a vacation destination, but there’s still a lot to see and do here! I’ve lived here all my life, and I know that most people don’t go on trips to see other parts of the state or our surrounding states (I do, but that’s just me). Instead, they prefer to visit places with beaches, heat, or a prominent theme park location.

Now, thanks to local author Jamie Ward, you might be able to find some things in Indiana that you might want to check out! Her new book, 100 Things to Do in Indiana Before You Die, can help you map out a plan to see some of these great finds across the Hoosier state! She shows you the best of Indiana in this guide, which includes a wealth of knowledge only a native of the state can provide. It will allow visitors and locals to experience the state’s many attractions and unique culture.

Ward has covered the entire state and shared her findings in this book! It’s a detailed list of all these things that exist in Indiana! Out of the 100 things to do, I’ve only done 42! And I’ve lived here for pretty much 35 years! There’s a lot of Indiana that I still need to explore.

Each chapter focuses on a specific topic and will help you plan a trip around Indiana. This guidebook goes beyond just that, listing helpful advice and other experiences from other areas of the state. Unlike other guides that only focus on Indianapolis, this book goes beyond the city and includes a wide range of activities for everyone. This is great for smaller towns with unique attractions often overlooked by the more established guides.

The guidebook also has a breakdown of the various activities available in the state by season and some itinerary ideas.

I would love to have seen more color photos in the book, and I also think it would be helpful if there were spots in each section to make some notes on the different things you try around the state – perhaps to make it more of a keepsake as you use the book!

The book is available now in select Indiana locations and online via most major booksellers – check it out on Amazon here!

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