Preparing for Camp with Name Bubbles

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I am delighted to work with a sponsor, Name Bubbles/Apogee Agency, to share this information with you today!

It’s just the end of February, and I don’t go to camp until early June, but who is already prepping for camp? THIS GIRL! February and March are my prime time for meetings, reading scripts, thinking about schedules, and considering what type of activities I want to try this summer. 

Thanks to Name Bubbles, I will have plenty of labels on hand to prepare my clothes and some personal items for camp this year! When you have multiple people (staff and kids) in matching shirts or outfits, it’s easy to get things mixed up, but not for me in the Summer of 2023! BONUS: Use code ‘Kelsee10’ for a discount if you decide to try them!

What are Name Bubbles?

Primarily, Name Bubbles makes custom name labels for kids, but we adults who work at camps, schools, or daycares can find plenty of uses for these types of labels. They sell a variety of label packs that can be used in so many ways, including:

  • Allergy labels (perfect for kiddos with food allergies who might not be verbal)
  • Baby labels (don’t want to lose expensive baby supplies)
  • Clothing labels (great for labeling clothing that could be easily mixed up)
  • Sports labels (ideal for jerseys, cleats, and other sports equipment)
  • Camp labels (put names on anything that travels to and from camp)
  • College labels (another great idea for anyone living in a dorm/shared space)

These all come in different colors, prints, and fonts, and all text can be customized for your needs. These labels are also highly durable – washable, bug spray, and sunblock proof! They’re meant to last the whole summer and beyond – which is fantastic because camp can be brutal on clothes and sometimes personal items. 

I opted for the green with the treeline for my camp labels to fit our camp’s aesthetic. If you know the camp I work at, this print makes perfect sense!

How I Use Name Bubbles

I often have clothing that looks just like every other staff member’s clothing. And they all get washed in the same place. Even though things are pretty organized in the laundry room, someone ends up with a shirt or pants that belong to me at least once or twice per summer. Thanks to Name Bubbles, here’s hoping that anything that gets lost at camp this year can be quickly returned because my name will be on it!

For staff and camp-branded clothing, I can easily stick the round stickers to the size imprint area on tagless pieces or attach them to a tag somewhere on the garment. The small round tags can also be put on items like duffel bags, accessories, hats, laundry bags, sleeping bags, bedding, towels, and more. 

Iron-on tags are also an option for something more permanent. I use these on some particular staff clothing and items, anything where I don’t have a tag. Another great laundry-proof option to keep my things identifiable throughout my time at camp – whether it’s just for this summer or the summers to come!

In Conclusion

In the past, I’d write my name or initials on a piece of tape and stick it to whatever I was trying to label (so fancy, I know)! Thanks to Name Bubbles, I have a colorful and functional way to identify what’s mine when I go to camp! I might have to get a matching set for future summers if I use all these labels!

Use code ‘Kelsee10’ if you want to try them out!

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