Review: Noah Kahan at The Egyptian Room in Indianapolis

Noah Kahan Indianapolis Old National Centre

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I’m so excited to start sharing some show reviews on here finally! I’m ALWAYS asked about what I’m seeing, so now I’m finally sharing! You’re welcome in advance!

Cover image by Ralph Arvesen in Austin, TX

First up, Noah Kahan at the Old National Centre Egyptian Room in Indianapolis!

This week, Kahan played a sold-out show in The Egyptian Room at Old National Centre, and the energy was electric from his fans – which seemed to include a hodgepodge of people. I noticed (as the Grandma Millennial in my corner of the floor) that this crowd was mostly a mix of twenty-somethings with a few younger teenagers and older folks!

Anyone who considers themselves a Noah Kahan fan knows all the words, which was evident in the room! So many people were singing along to his newer Stick Season songs and some of his older stuff from just a few years ago. The fans in this crowd made this experience for me – especially being surrounded by the ones who were super fangirls for Kahan’s guitar player – the other Noah. It was an entire extra show at the show; I was laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of these fangirls. Drop out of college and join a band on tour, and this could happen to you! 😉

The title track of Noah Kahan’s 2022 album, Stick Season, is a song he wrote about his hometown of Vermont. In the past, he gave us pop hits such as Young Blood, Mess, and False Confidence – which just happened to be the bookending songs to this concert. During the thick of the pandemic, this 26-year-old musician was back in his hometown and wrote an album that we now know as Stick Season.

Kahan has a fantastic ability to connect with his listeners through his lyrics. He creates songs that bring people into a scene, and fans can’t seem to get enough of his work – myself included. One example: through his song Growing Sideways, which is about his journey with mental health, Kahan talks about his experiences in therapy. He praised his therapy experiences as a child and an adult, encouraging everyone in the audience to take advantage of it if it’s available. Another testament to us fans and his lyrics – during She Calls Me Back, he dropped a line! But don’t worry, the Indy crowd did not miss a beat and kept that song going!

If you’re into jukebox musicals or musicals based on an individual artist’s work, I recommend listening to some of Noah Kahan’s work. I listened to the Stick Season album, and I can find connecting plot points, visualize group numbers, and feel a clear ebb & flow. Musical theatre people – take a listen and come talk to me!

That night, the vibes were immaculate in Old National Centre’s Egyptian Room. I was so clearly reminded about why I love live music, theatre, and other events – it’s just one of those feelings and experiences that I won’t ever be able to duplicate the same way again.

For an artist who calls New England home and writes about his life in New England, Noah Kahan’s Stick Season album & tour resonates with anyone grappling with living away from the places they call home by choice or circumstance. This Hoosier & Midwesterner is a big fan! I’m going to his next Indy concert in September at White River State Park, and that’ll be a perfect venue for his next show here.

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