Checking out Revere, Massachusetts

Revere, Massachusetts

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Revere, Massachusetts
Please note: This post does include affiliate links. Please read my disclosure page for more information. 

As soon as I left camp this summer, I knew I wanted to take a few days out on the East Coast to explore. I’ve always been into history and literature, so I knew I was going to have to get to Salem and Concord, Massachusetts. I’m also a huge fan of the (somewhat terrible) 80’s movie Mystic Pizza, so I knew sliding through Mystic, CT was also going to be high on my priority list. Plus, I was traveling solo without any huge time constraints, so this was a no-brainer for me.

Without further ado, let’s get down to the business of traveling.

Driving out of Maine was a bittersweet experience. I was ready to leave but sad to say goodbye to my tiny junior campers and my awesome junior counselor staff. Everyone cries – even I cried. If you know me personally, you’d know that’s a HUGE deal. It was still early in the day when I left camp, almost too early to check into my Airbnb, so I had to make one final stop into North Conway, NH for a car wash (there was sap EVERYWHERE on my car) and my last round of sales tax-free outlet shopping. I was in serious need of new tennis shoes – working at camp killed mine! After that, it was time to head 3.5 hours south toward the Boston area for the weekend.

My priorities on this trip didn’t really include Boston, so I decided to stay on the outskirts of the city in Revere, MA – just five miles out of downtown. I was about 10 or so minutes from Boston-Logan Airport, but the AirBnbs were significantly cheaper JUST outside of Boston. Luckily, Revere was almost equidistant between Salem and Concord – so it was perfect for my trip.

Speaking of Airbnb, I had a wonderful experience. I was a block away from Revere Beach and I had free parking. I stayed in the spare bedroom of someone’s home and it was PERFECT for a couple of nights. I can’t tell you how excited I was to be in a real bed after sleeping on an air mattress all summer. I was even within walking distance of the train had I decided I wanted to go into Boston. The hosts where I stayed were extremely welcoming and helpful with information about the area. I had no idea that Revere was the site of the first naval battle in the American Revolution…who knew??

The locals suggested that I check out:

Revere Beach – This was a no brainer considering it was literally right around the corner from my apartment! It’s the oldest public beach in the United States. The beach also hosts the International Sand Sculpting Contest. I was told that back in its heyday there was a rollercoaster and bowling alleys! Now, it’s just a really calm and peaceful beachfront area. There are pavilions with benches and tables and it’s super easy to walk from the end of the beach to the other. The beach was never busy, but then again I was only in Revere in the evenings. There are plenty of restaurants and homes that open right up to the beachfront. It was just a very cool little community to stay in for a couple of nights.

Revere Beach Sign

Revere Beach

Revere Beach


Kelly’s Roast Beef – This is apparently a “must-do” if you’re stopping by Revere Beach. That said, I don’t eat beef. I shouldn’t have thought more about the whole thing because they also have a bunch of seafood options, breakfast options, and other sandwiches. When you’re on the water, you have to opt for the fresh seafood options. I went with the shrimp plate and I was not disappointed. One thing that I appreciated about this restaurant is that you have to walk up to the window and there are seating areas close by or you can cross the street to eat on the beach. I HAD intended to do that, but the bird game on that beach was waaaaaaay too close for comfort. Birds started swooping around me because I had food, so I quickly packed up and left the scene! The food was great, the price was great, and the views from the restaurant were great too! If you’re in Massachusetts, get thee to this popular spot!

Kelly's Roast Beef

Revere Beach Bird
Demon Bird who will stalk your food!

Next up: A Day in Salem, MA!

Tell me in the comments: Ever try out AirBnb? Spend anytime in Revere, Massachusetts before?

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