Five Work from Home Jobs You Can Start Today

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I’ve been working from home in some capacity for some time – writing, marketing, teaching, etc. There’s truly something for everyone.

Work at home individuals come from all walks of life. We all have different educational and professional backgrounds. We all have different reasons for wanting to work from home. We also have our own sets of challenges and strengths. However, I think many of us are looking for a life change. We don’t so much care about going into the same field of work we are coming from. We are willing to try new things as we enter this new stage of our life.

So if you’re looking to enter this new season, here are some jobs that you can work on to help pay some bills or keep you busy in the meantime.


  • Customer Service – Answering sales calls or customer service is one of the most plentiful and easy to attain at home opportunities around. Not only do many online retailers contract virtual workers but there are many companies that handle these call centers and businesses. Most of these are actually remote jobs and require just high-speed internet and a landline to receive incoming calls. Although it may not be a dream job, the pay can be pretty good. It could potentially be even $15 an hour and can help you pay bills when you find the perfect side hustle.


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  • Transcription– Transcription is listening to an audio file and putting it into text. While several companies hire without any experience, you will need to have excellent typing speed and accuracy. Transcription is almost always produced base which means that you get paid by the audio minute and not how long it takes you to type it. The faster you type, the higher your income can be. If you’re interested in becoming one but you are unsure how your typing skills measure up, you can take a few typing tests online. There are a lot of programs and software as well as apps to help learn to type fast. A company that is great for medical transcriptionists is iMedX. iMedX began in early 2002 and is based in the Atlanta, Georgia area. They offer education, training opportunities and data analytics. They also help you focus on making sure that your company has positive results and has really helped thousands with their transcribing needs.


  • Writing– This is another industry that has an endless amount of work for those that have a want or right skill set. Skillset doesn’t mean a degree in English or journalism but it means having good grammar and research skills. In specific, freelance writing is also very lucrative once you break out on your own and get away from websites that may offer cheap articles for sale or pay their writers low wages. If you’re looking to dabble in online content writing on your own and get away commitment, make sure to find your option below.



  • Website Tester – There are many companies that pay online testers to make sure websites are intuitive and easy to navigate. You basically follow instructions and you’re given to check out the website. It usually only takes about 15 minutes per test which you can register to 10-12 different companies since opportunities ten to test out first come first serve. Sometimes you can make about $100-$200 a month if you stay on top of these tests. Many sites require that you have a microphone and/or a webcam which is mostly built within laptops but you might need to purchase one if you don’t already have one. The tester sites typically pay within a week or two via Paypal.


  • Virtual Tutor – Are you someone who loves to connect with people? Do you know a foreign language? Are you able to help tutor someone in need? These are all great ideas and if you answered yes to them, then a virtual tutor is something that might be perfect for you! There are even tutors that help those overseas via Facetime or Skype! It’s common to get a background check before starting with one of the companies like Sylvan Learning Center.

Now that you have a few ideas on what jobs you could be doing while either your children are at school or if you’re just out of college, maybe they can help you go start your new career path.

Tell me in the comments: What are some other online or stay at home jobs that you can think of?

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