12 Things You Can Treat Yourself to Right Now

12 Things You Can Treat Yourself to Right Now

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12 Things You Can Treat Yourself to Right Now

Now and then it’s nice to treat yourself to something. While it would be fabulous to go and splurge on a pair of Gucci pumps, a Birkin bag and a flight to Bali it isn’t always in your budget. But there are some little things that you can get right now, that won’t break the bank.


  • A subscription box. Beauty, Self-care, Journaling, Stationery and even one for foodies. If you love to have a selection of mini treats and try new brands, then this is for you.


  • If you spend a lot of time on your computer, researching your projects, replying to emails or are a super surfer in general then you should think about getting yourself an ergonomic wrist rest.


  • How about an ultra-relaxing lavender packed microwaveable body wrap? It doesn’t matter if you use them post workout, or you just love having a little warming bean bag for your shoulders – pop this in the microwave for about 30 seconds and enjoy the warming sensation.



  • Get creative and pick yourself up an adult coloring book. Known for helping you de-stress after a long day or week, and improving anxiety with its gentle repetitive motions – this is the kind of thing most people should have on their shelves.


  • The most luxurious hot chocolate you can find. If you happen to be a tea or coffee person, then a change to hot chocolate might be even more luxurious than you think. Get some whipped cream for the top and sit down in front of Netflix for the evening.


  • Eye patches. Our undereye can give us away. If you have a habit of getting dark circles and puffy bits, then investing in some five-minute wonders can perk you right up. This goes double if you work at a computer. Tired eyes need some lovin’.


  • A body scrub that will wake your skin right up. A coconut and coffee body scrub that will leave you soft and scrubbed in no time. You should be sure to exfoliate once a week anyway, but this one smells dreamy.


  • Get a pair of ultra-soft slippers. It doesn’t matter if you choose Uggs or if you decide some bright and fluffy unicorn slippers, the idea is that they’re soft and give your feet some lovin’.


  • For when you are feeling a little less than capable of making decisions, but know that you want to do something. Pick up some Do Something Dice, you just roll them and let them decide your fate. Fun and an excellent way to have a spontaneous day.


  • Your favorite scented candle. Set it up near to where you spend most of your time and let the scent envelope you. Ahhhh bliss.


  • And finally, grab yourself a set of cute animal squishies. These stress-relieving lovelies can sit on your desk for when you just need to poke something. Pandas, bunnies, paws, and fruit – they’re super cute and are relaxing just to look at.

What are some ways that you treat yourself? Budget-friendly or a splurge!

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