Self-Sustaining Simple Skills When You Work for Yourself

Work for Yourself

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Work for Yourself


Being self-employed is an incredibly difficult task from time to time. It requires various skills to get you from A to B. And, although you might be good at your job, in a specific role, as far as the act of being self-employed and working for yourself is concerned, there is much more that needs fixing relating to your skill set. So, regardless of your role, what does every person need when they’re working for themselves?

Writing Skills

Whether you are a writer or not, it’s by the by. But, as a freelancer, your main method of communication is by email. It’s important for you to communicate a tone of voice that suits your personality. This might be easier said than done. When it comes to writing research, there is a lot to learn about so you can discover your own voice. Once you have found this, the marrying of personality with text communication really helps build relationships with people.


Ultimately, you are going to be networking a lot, and approaching strangers, knocking on doors, demanding that they give you a try with a contract. Assertiveness is an essential component, but you shouldn’t confuse it with aggression. The ability to say what you want and communicate it in a manner that is forthright but not pushy is a very delicate balance.

Administration Skills

And when you are working for yourself, you are doing every role. You are your own accountant, auditor, and boss. If you can’t afford an accountant, and you have no idea how to begin when it comes to filing a tax return, the importance of structure cannot be underestimated. Having a few files set up so you can easily put in payments details on Excel is an easy way to keep track of payments as you go, rather than furiously scrambling for information when it’s time to submit your tax return. There are numerous Excel tips online to make life easier, such as calculating the total amount of your earnings throughout the year, rather than putting it all into a calculator. Using simple admin skills and shortcuts will save you a lot of time when you should be focusing on your career, rather than adding up a bunch of figures.

The Ability To Motivate Yourself

It’s the most important aspect of anybody working by themselves. It’s hard to focus when you are on your own, and so, the importance of structuring your day is one underlying approach to keeping yourself on track. There are also focus tools to keep you productive online, such as the Pomodoro technique, which works at ensuring you take adequate breaks, but still remain productive.


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Yes, these are simple skills, but they are effective, and when it comes to being on your own, and working for yourself, the tasks involved require some basic knowledge of these approaches. To be a freelancer, you are, in essence, marketing yourself. As such, it is vital to make yourself as multi-skilled as possible. So, begin with the simple skills, and work your way up. 


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