Gifts for Men that Are Not Only Beautiful But Also Practical

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Most women know that men like practical gifts more than anything. They will not be looking for the latest home decor item; instead something they can wear or use every day and an item that makes them feel better about themselves. If you are currently stuck with choosing a present for a man in your life, you will have to find something that they will value for a long time and not just shove in the corner or drawer. Below you will find a few tips on how to choose a present for a man.

Grooming and Personal Care

Men find it hard to buy things for themselves that will make them look better. Whether you have spotted an old shaver and grooming kit in their bathroom or would like to help them stay on top of their looks when they are on business trips, you can find a compact grooming and personal care kit that will be practical and useful every day. From men’s health supplements to vitamins, there are several ways you can say “I care about you” without words.

Fashion Items

Men don’t have the time and patience to choose their own personal style, most of the time, and they will need some help. If you would like them to have an item they can wear on family nights out and smart suit and tie events, you can look through the latest collection of John Henric ties for men to find the right match for their complexion and existing style.

Power Tools to Make Them Feel Powerful

If the man in your life is the kind of fixer who simply loves upcycling and mending things, your best option is gifting them some power tools they can use every weekend they spend the day in the garage or the workshop trying to fix the bike, the car, or make a new carburetor from scratch. You might not be an expert in power tools, but you can get professional advice from your local DIY store or online.

Something Related to Their Hobbies

No matter if your man loves paragliding or football, you can find related personal gifts that they will treasure for a long time. From fan kits to season tickets to their favorite team’s matches, there are several ideas you can choose from. If your man loves woodworking, you can get them a book about how to make the most out of their tools.

Something to Improve Their Skills

In case you are buying a present for a petrolhead, you might want to get something for the car or bike. From rally experience days to advanced riding or driving courses and skills improvement training, there are several great days out you can arrange for them to enjoy. This way, you can create memories for a lifetime and appeal to their ego, too.


Buying a present for men is a challenge for most women. Guys appreciate the practical value of the present more than anything. Choose one of the above ideas and you can impress them.


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