Five Ways To Make Your Gifts More Personal

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We’re all guilty of giving out generic gifts at some point. Putting personal meaning into your gifts can be a great way of showing your appreciation for the people around you. Such gifts needn’t be expensive, and you can be as creative with them as you like. Here are just five personal gift ideas to consider.


Relate it to their hobbies and interests

Buying a gift related to someone’s interests or hobbies can be a great way of making a gift more personal. Some keen hobbyists can be hard to buy for as they may already have all the necessary piece of kit – however, you can still consider sweets, toys, clothing, and jewelry related to that hobby. For example, you could buy a guitarist some guitar-shaped cufflinks or an edible chocolate guitar. The more eccentric and unusual, the better. You may even be able to combine multiple interests in a single gift such as a cat-themed baking apron or a football-themed games controller.


Share fond memories

Memories of good times that the two of you once shared can also be great gifts. This could include photographs or souvenirs or even small silly gifts related to a private joke between you. Try to recount good memories that they may have forgotten – this could include throwback photos to a holiday you once went on or food you both once tried and liked.


Get their name imprinted on a gift

There are companies that can personalize items by imprinting a custom name onto them. You could engrave someone’s name into jewelry, get someone’s name printed on a jacket or buy a monogrammed scarf. If the object that is printed on happens to be related to one of their interests, it’s likely to have even more of an impact (such as an engraved beer tankard or a camera strap with a name printed on it.


Have fun with photos

There are lots of fun ways to present photographs as a gift. You could print a photo onto clothing for a comedic gift such as custom photo socks. Alternatively, you could collect lots of photographs and put them in an album or create a collage. You could even get a professional photograph blown up.


Craft your own gift

If you’re creative and good with your hands, you could even craft your very own gift. This could include making your own jewelry, baking your own cake, crocheting a blanket or creating a painting. Even if you don’t have any craft skills, you may still be able to create a photo collage or burn a CD with someone’s favorite songs on. Putting time and effort into a gift shows that you really care about that person and it’s likely to be an item that is cherished.


What are some of your favorite gifts to give and receive? Giving & receiving gifts is my favorite!


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