How to Practice Random Acts of Kindness Every Day

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People say that the true pleasure is in giving and not in receiving gifts. If you would like to smile inside, you might want to learn how to make other people smile. You will not only feel better about yourself but also transform your relationships and mindset. Below you will find a couple of random acts of kindness you can practice every day.


Whenever you come across a person who seems stressed or busy, you should find a reason to compliment them. Whether it is a colleague who feels under-appreciated or a person on the street, you can make their day. Check out how compliments can change people’s attitude for the day and improve emotional well-being by watching this college experiment and learning from it.

Check On Elderly Neighbors

If you never speak to your neighbors and don’t know much about them, it might be time to find out more. There might be some lonely old people who have nobody to talk to all day. Offer to take them out shopping, make them a cup of coffee, or simply take a piece of cake around. They will appreciate your care, and you might learn some important life skills from more experienced adults, too.

Give Away Your Parking Time  

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to gift something valuable. Next time you are leaving your parking space with some time on the parking meter, you can give away your ticket. It is not the few dollars that matter, but the gesture. Everyone appreciates not having to walk to the meter and rooting through their car and purse for the right change. Do this every time you go out, and you will make some people smile.

Surprise Them

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to make someone feel special. Surprise your loved one by booking a show, or take them out for a meal on the weekday. You can also send flowers or chocolate to their workplace, and their stressful day will become much easier. You need to show your appreciation every day, and there’s no better way of doing it than by surprising people you care about.  

Give Away Water or Fruit

If you are stuck in traffic and see someone struggling with the heat, you might want to give them a bottle of water or a fruit. Next time you order pizza or get a delivery home, think about the day of the driver. They are out and about all day. Why not keep an iced coffee in the fridge just in case to make the person feel appreciated. Stop on the street and get a drink for a homeless person or an elderly shopper.



It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day or Christmas to practice random acts of kindness. Change your attitude towards people and show your appreciation. From giving away fruit to checking on vulnerable people, you can practice care every day and improve your life and others’.

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