Updated: 30 Gifts for 30 Years: Gifts for Millennial Females (including me)

30 Gifts for 30 Years

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UPDATED 11/14/18: I’ve revamped A LOT of links on this post! Why? Because these are still perfect gifts for a twenty or thirty-something in your life! Coming soon…31 Gifts for 31 Years and some other relevant gift ideas! I’m so excited to be in the holiday spirit and sharing some ideas with you that hopefully inspire you a little and get you in the giving/gifting spirit as well!

As someone who LOVES giving gifts (and writing about gift ideas for others), I often get asked what kind of gifts that I would like to receive myself. I’m a pretty typical millennial in this essence – I enjoy locally & ethically sourced goods and services. I place a high value on convenience and protecting my time. I like GIVING gifts, but sometimes I get antsy about receiving them. I’m pretty sure that some of the things that I’m asking for would be appropriate for other 30-year-old women, so if you have another late twenty-something or thirty-something female in your life, use this list for some inspiration. Or, feel free to reach out to me for my address if you feel like sending me any of these things. I’m happy to oblige! Or, you can look at my wishlist for gifts on Amazon – no shame here!

Also, since yesterday was Small Business Saturday, I’m going to shout out some of my local Indy stores & services – so check them out!
Gift Suggestions
1. Maid Services
If you want to get me the best gift ever, seriously send me a housekeeper once or twice a month. This would probably make me cry since it’s such a great gift idea. As someone who despises chores of any kind, this could save my sanity. I also work from home a lot, so having a tidy environment to work in might shoot my productivity through the roof. Who knows?!


2. Two Dancing With the Stars Live Show Tickets
No shame in this game! I’ll never say no to live event tickets, especially this one! It’s one night in Indianapolis and it usually sells pretty well. So if you love me, hook me up with some of these. Or buy one for you and an extra for me!


3. Meal Delivery Gift Certificate
I’m not always huge on these (the boxes and packaging can be so wasteful), but sometimes, they make my life so much easier – especially if I’m working A LOT at a certain time. Right now, my favorites are HungryRoot or EveryPlate, but I’m always open to food coming to my door!


4. Amazon Prime Membership
Who doesn’t use Amazon Prime?! Amazon Prime saves lives. I can have pretty much anything delivered to my door within two days, stream videos & music, and set up Subscribe & Save shipments. This membership quickly pays for itself in just a few shipments and can be used for SO MUCH. It’s a very useful and worthwhile gift.


5. Southwest Airlines Gift Cards
If you’re a traveler of any kind, particularly around the US, the Southwest Gift Card is a great option. If you want to contribute to all of my travel plans in 2018, this is the gift you wanna give me!


Gift Suggestions 2


6. Red Copper Pan
These pans are awesome and versatile. Since I’m mostly a minimalist, I’m always looking for multi-purpose pieces so that I can downsize items that I already have. Buy me one good pan like this and I could potentially eliminate more from my kitchen.


7. Museum Memberships
I LOVE learning in all kinds of ways. I love museum memberships! I really like getting to check out new exhibits and take part in all of the extra activities when I can. I even love that I can bring people with me most of the time as part of being a member. I’m especially interested in museum memberships that have reciprocal benefits so that I can visit other museums with the same membership.


8. Escape the Room Gift Certificates
These places are tons of fun! I would love to grab some of my friends for a fun afternoon attempt at escaping the room! I’m all for the crazy experiences.


9. Howl & Hide Bag
A little local shoutout to the maker of these bags – they’re made right here in my hometown of Indianapolis! I’ve got a couple of bags that are about to see the end of their life, so this would be a great replacement option. The satchels & work totes are my favorite.


10. Wine of the Month Subscription
Who likes to get fun mail!? This girl likes to get fun mail! Most people like to get fun mail. And if it’s wine, well damn, that’s even better!


11. Adventure Print from Homespun: Modern Handmade
This framed print by Treehopper Toys belongs in my apartment. I only keep a few decorations and they all kind of relate to my travels and adventures. So drop into Homespun: Modern Handmade to pick up this original treasure for me. You can tell them I sent you – they’re pretty good people!


12. Orange Theory Membership
I’ve actually already signed up for Orange Theory and I’m really excited to get into the habit of this one, that said, a gift certificate for a month or two would be awesome!


13. Roomba
Again, we’re looking for convenience here. If I had something like this, the carpeting in my apartment would essentially be spotless. Remember, I really hate chores. Anyone who hates vacuuming would probably adore this.


14. Hamilton Tickets
More info on the Chicago production here
Yeah, I know. I still haven’t made it a huge priority to see this! Help me make it a priority! Chicago preferred! 😉


15. Amazon Echo
I find smart devices like these super helpful because I’m a major multi-tasker.

16. Instant Pot
As someone who loves to cook, but also likes to keep it simple, this would be something I’d love to have. As you’ve seen above, I hate chores. That includes doing the dishes, so using an Instant Pot like this would lower the number of dishes that I would have to do in preparing a meal!


17. Pure Barre Membership
I enjoy boutique fitness classes much more than a traditional gym. I like the different challenges that they provide and now that PureBarre is in Indianapolis, I’d love to add it to my repertoire!


18. Tuft & Needle Full Mattress
This is more of a “want” than a “need” at this point, but if you don’t ask for something, you can’t expect to receive it! These mattresses come in the box and expand once they are opened. They have great reviews too!


19. TodayTix Gift Certificate
I go to NYC every year and I’m always using TodayTix for cheaper tickets! For NYC theatre lovers, I feel like this is absolutely perfect.


20. Fandango Gift Cards
I enjoy going out to see movies with friends and awesome people, but I often won’t because I think there’s more value in spending money elsewhere. However, if someone bought me a gift card, I’d be more likely to go!

21. IKEA Gift Cards
More information at Ikea.com 
What millennial female doesn’t like IKEA?! I can’t name a single one who doesn’t. IKEA has more than furniture and you can often find other great household items in that store, so hit me up with these!

22. Flying Lessons 
Groupon for Indianapolis Pilot Services
I’ve always wanted to do this, but again, never made it a priority! This looks like a really easy introduction to something awesome.

23. Streaming Services
I don’t like to buy a bunch of DVDs – my collection is really small! I even keep my TV & DVD system pretty basic so that I don’t get super wrapped up in watching, but I do enjoy streaming stuff on my laptops and tablet. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and BroadwayHD.


24. City Passes for Different Cities
I’m particularly interested in Toronto and West Coast cities. I’ve already covered places like Chicago and New York, so I’d like to shake it up a bit! But, feel free to consider other cities as an option too! 😉


25. Spa Package
Whether it’s for hair, nails, massage, a facial, or anything related, I feel like most females would appreciate something like this.



26. Float Sessions
Groupon for A Place to Float Indianapolis
I’m not claustrophobic in anyway, so I’d be down to try this and turn it into a relaxing habit. With all the noise we experience every day, I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy this!

27. Subscription Boxes
I love these, but again, I don’t need them, so I don’t often buy them. I enjoy Ipsy, Hunt a Killer, Fab Fit Fun, and Bulu Box if you need suggestions!

28. Music Equipment
Never underestimate the power of some good music stuff! You can’t go wrong with a new iPod, nice headphones, iTunes gift cards – it’s all stuff that music geeks (like me) enjoy.

29. Stationery Set
Many custom sets like these available at Etsy.com
In this technological age, I love sending and receiving cards each holiday or just for special occasions. This could even be a nice planner and address book! Many people have lost touch on how to write a simple handwritten note since we’re so used to firing off short little emails.

30. Cash Money
Read my 10 Reasons Why Cash is Always a Good Gift
I’ve written about why cash is always great as a gift! It’s a great choice to give and it gives the receiver the choice to spend it on whatever they’d like.

Like I said above, I’m happy to personally accept ANY of these gifts! Or, feel free to let them inspire you to buy something for the millennial females in your own life! Happy Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday shopping!

How is your shopping coming along for the holidays? Done? Just starting? Tell me all about it!

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  1. as a millennial female I can honestly say I would greatly appreciate any one of these gifts. I may just send your list to my parents as a gift guide this year lol

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