31 Gifts for 31 Years: Gifts for Millennial Females

Gifts for Millennial Women

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Last minute shopper? This is definitely for you!

Ah, yes! After the success of last year’s 30 Gifts for 30 Years post, I thought it was only appropriate to do another one…and add another gift! If you’re looking for millennial female gifts, look no further!

I’ve created a list of all kinds of goodies if you’re seeking some last minute inspiration this holiday season. Or just pin this post and save for gift-giving later in the year – it’s up to you! Regardless, I’ve got you covered with plenty of choices at various prices points. These are all gifts that I would personally love to receive, so I’m sure there’s someone else in your life who’d love to receive these as well! If you feel like sending me any of these, please let me know! Or you can buy something from my Amazon wishlist  – no shame in my game!

A few things to note:

  • If you want these things to arrive by the holiday, this is probably your last chance to order – so don’t dawdle!
  • I’ve also shared coupon codes if I have them, so go forth and save the cash!
  • ALWAYS start your online shopping with Ebates! They have cashback options with so many retailers! Don’t leave money on the table if you can help it! 

Happy Shopping!

Gifts for Millennial Women 1

1. Planners
Never underestimate the power of a good planner and since 2019 just weeks ago, gift someone a new planner to get their year going on the right foot! Here are some of my favorites: Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner, Tools for Wisdom, or the Passion Planner – that’s what I’m using for 2019!

2. Amazon Prime Membership
Seriously. Amazon Prime is amazing. I don’t know how I’ve survived without this major convenience in my life! Seriously, #firstworldproblems. However, a gift of Amazon Prime brings so many goodies to the recipient! For example: free two-day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and Amazon Photos storage. So many positives! Also a great idea for parents of college students – super easy to add your child’s address and send things they need to wherever they are.

3. Housecleaning Service
Who doesn’t want someone to come in and handles the housework now and again?! Even just a one-time service for someone who is busy would be a great find under the Christmas tree. Lord knows I can never keep up with it all…and I live alone! I can’t imagine how the moms do it! You can even order up house cleaning on Amazon – so there’s no reason not to consider it! In Indy? I also suggest checking out Deluxe Maid or Becht Pride Cleaning Service – currently discounted on Groupon! 

4. Backstreet Boys Tickets – September 2019
Available on Ticketmaster
I have no shame here! I love boy bands and when the BSB are coming to Indianapolis…I WANT TO BE THERE! If any woman my age tells you that she isn’t interested in this, she lies. The Backstreet Boys were a crucial part of our childhoods. Dudes, buy these for your wives or girlfriends and get all the brownie points.

5. Dancing with the Stars Tickets – February 1, 2019
Available on LiveNation
This is more for me, but I’m pretty sure millennial females would enjoy the show as well – particularly if they enjoy The Bachelor! “Grocery Store Joe” is one of the stars featured on the tour, but the DWTS team always puts on a very entertaining show that makes for a great night out!

Gifts for millennial females 2

6. Southwest Gift Cards
Available on Amazon
For the travelers on your list (or me), these are a great idea! Southwest offers budget-friendly flight options all over the USA and they also offer vacation packages! A win-win for fellow jet setters!

7. Airbnb Gift Cards
Available on Amazon
Budget-loving travelers often choose Airbnb over hotels. Or, if you’re traveling long-term or with kiddos, Airbnb opens up so many more lodging options. From homes to private rooms, to yurts, and tiny houses, there is a place for every traveler!

8. Travel Prints on Etsy
Have you ever actually liked at the wealth of items that are available on Etsy?! I tend to stalk Etsy for their art prints. Prints like these are scattered around my apartment. If you’re looking for something for the person who loves quotes or prints for framing, look here!

Here are some of my faves:  “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta and “Blessed are the curious for they will have adventures.” 

9. Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Built-In Mic and Remote
Available on Amazon
Never underestimate the power of a good set of headphones. Earbuds are great to an extent, but I love to block out the extra sounds around me…especially when I’m traveling. I always aim for noise-cancelling headphones with a microphone, so if I need to take a call, I’m still covered.

10. Travel RFID Blocking Bifold Multi Card Case Wallet
Available on Amazon
Another awesome item for travelers! This is a women’s wallet, but there are plenty of men’s options also available on Amazon. These are great for carrying ID cards, multiple debit/credit cards, and passports. Plus, you may be able to slide your phone inside, if it isn’t in a big case. Available in PLENTY of color options too! I prefer black, blues, and greens! (wink, wink!)

Gifts for millennial women 3

11. Plants
Options available on Amazon, but look locally! In Indy, look at Grounded!
Homebodies, this is for you. I’m TERRIBLE (I mean it) at keeping plants alive, but I’ve been doing a little better recently! I even kill every herb that I try to plant, so I’m all about simple plants. For your plant lovers, who may not be blessed with green thumbs, here are some ideas: Bonsai trees, Bamboo, or air plants – put them in a decorative bowl and DONE!

12. Silk Pillowcases
Available at Macy’s and other retailers
MACY’S COUPON: Use code ‘SHOP’ for 20% off!
These pillowcases are great for skin and hair. If you’ve got someone with skin issues (dry skin, acne, etc), silk pillowcases are known to be less drying than standard cotton pillowcases. Not to mention less folding and creasing on the skin! It’s a win-win!

13. Saberlight Extended Arc Lighter
Available on Amazon
Anyone who loves candles or grilling out will love this! It’s a flameless & butane-free lighter! It’s rechargeable, plus it’s TSA safe if you need to travel with a lighter. Since there is no flame involved, it’s also windproof and splashproof!

14. Some Good Pajamas or a Onesie!
Plenty of options available at Target and other retailers
Who doesn’t love a good set of Christmas PJs? I know I do! Target has you covered with fleece, family sets, shorts, cartoon-inspired – it’s all available! Not to mention all of their free shipping and RedCard deals right now! Worth a look!

15. Weighted Blanket
Several options available on Amazon
These things. THESE THINGS. If you’ve got a restless sleeper, insomniac, or anxious person who is looking for ways to combat those pesky things, look no further than weighted blankets. The weight to buy is dependent on the person you’re buying it for, so take your best guess and gift them some improved rest.

Gifts for millennial women 3

16. Vanlinker Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses
Available on Amazon
These are lifesavers for anyone who stares at a screen all day. Great for reducing eye strain, headaches, and keeping your sleep patterns in check. Plus, they come in different styles for all kinds of fashionistas – male or female!

17. Amazon Echo
Available on Amazon
This smart speaker will play your music and podcasts, but also help you control locks and thermostats. Use it to make calls, request an Uber/Lyft, and order your pizza delivery. Set timers for cooking or even set reminders. If you don’t have one of these, you’re missing out! It’s such an easy gift that keeps on giving back!

18. Uber Gift Cards
Available on Amazon
As a fun option for city dwellers where Uber operates or for travelers, Uber gift cards can be a lifesaver! Put a little cash towards their weekend fun, or the Uber gift cards also work on Uber Eats, if they prefer to order food delivery!

19. TodayTix Gift Cards
Available on the Today Tix app & website
Have a theatre love in NYC, Chicago, London, San Francisco, LA, Washington DC, Boston, Toronto, and a few other major cities? Consider a TodayTix gift card! They don’t expire and the recipients can choose their own shows and seats!

20. CityPass
Available on the CityPass website
The CityPass program is a great way for travelers to experience some of the best parts of major cities! The CityPass often includes admissions to museums, aquariums, zoos, tours, and more. Experience some of the best parts of a city with one flat price. I’m particularly interested in Toronto, Boston, Denver, Seattle, or San Francisco!

Gifts for millennial women 5

21. Ancestry DNA Kit
Available from Ancestry.com 
These things are stupid cool! This test doesn’t just tell you what country you’re from, but it will pinpoint the specific region! It may even match you with more living relatives. Perfect for the person who wants to know more about where they’ve come from!

22. Coffee Over Cardio
Available on the Coffee Over Cardio website
COUPON: Use code “10kelseeh” to get 10% off of ANY order!
I’ve been a Barista Babe brand partner with Coffee Over Cardio for a few months now and I highly recommend all of the coffee products! Available in single bags, subscriptions, or multi-packs, there’s something for all kinds of coffee lovers…minus decaf! One thing I really have to highlight about this brand of coffee is that it rarely requires any sweeteners or creamers. Seriously, the flavors are top notch! Plus, not to mention that the packaging is beautiful and you’ll be supporting a small business!

23. Spa Package
I always add this to any gift list ever. Who doesn’t need to relax and be spoiled now and again!?! We all know someone who would never do this for themselves, but perhaps if they received this as a gift they might take the time to really take a break for that massage, mani/pedi, or facial. Check your local salons or buy a SpaFinder gift card (good at certain salons & spas all over the US) if you just aren’t sure!

24. Relaxation Gifts
Gifts that offer relaxation should never be overlooked. With all of the hustle and bustle, sometimes people just need to get away for a few hours by themselves. Much like the spa package gift idea above, there are times when relaxation and quiet are needs. If cost scares you, check out Groupon or Living Social for deals! There are often great coupons for local places. In Indy, check out Cryotherapy Indy or Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge.

25. Vitality IV Bar Gift cards
Available at both Indianapolis locations
This one is Indy specific, but if there’s an IV bar near you, the same idea applies! We all have one of those friends that gets sick or run down over the holidays, so this would be a great option! A 45-minute IV cocktail of vitamins and minerals would be a great boost to their morale and immune system. They also have a great variety of options for hydration after a big night out, skin, pain relief, and mood support.

gifts for millennial women 6

26. Postmates Gift Cards
Available online or via the Postmates App
Depending on your (or the recipient’s) location, Postmates will really deliver just about anything! Need food delivery? Check! Need a few grocery staples or items from the nearest dollar store? Covered! Need cold medicine picked up at CVS? Check! Need to send an e-gift card to beat the holiday rush? DONE AND DONE!

27. Meal Kits
These things have literally saved my life over the past couple of years! Sometimes I can’t even be bothered to go to the grocery store, particularly during hectic work periods. If you know someone who hates grocery shopping, doesn’t have time, or actually really like cooking a variety of things – these meal kits can be great options for many budgets. Some of my favorites include EveryPlate, HungryRoot, and sometimes HelloFresh

28. Trunk Club Gift Card
Available online here
Know someone who loves clothes? Know someone who needs or wants a wardrobe refresh? Know someone who hates shopping for clothes? THIS IS PERFECT FOR THEM! Great for women or men, personal styling has never been easier. This would be a great idea for an upcoming special event or even someone starting a new job. No need to worry about buying clothes in the right size either! Create a style profile, talk with your stylist (in real-time), review items before they’re shipped to you, try them on, pay for what you keep and send back what you don’t like. A $25 styling fee (waived if you have a Nordstrom card) will be credited towards any items you choose to purchase. You can subscribe to a trunk every month, or just reorder when you want! Wouldn’t that be a fun gift?!?!

29. Subscription Boxes
Another thing that’s always fun to get, but might be something that people won’t necessarily buy for themselves. In many cases, these boxes are already curated for certain interests, making it a simple purchase for gift givers. Some of my favorites include Mighty Fix, FabFitFun, Hunt a Killer, and Book of the Month!

30. Chocolate
Anyone who doesn’t like chocolate as a gift is ridiculous! If they’re allergic, that’s one thing. Otherwise, it’s basically the best. Ever since I worked at Godiva, I’m a huge fan of their holiday gifts. However, if you’re in Indianapolis, I always recommend The Best Chocolate in Town! Their treats are amazing and they have pretty much everything you could ever want! They also have online shopping options now (hint, hint!).

31. $$Cash Money$$
Read all about why cash is always a good gift here!
Who doesn’t like cash? Who doesn’t have something they want to buy or do for themselves? Who has a savings or debt payoff goal? CASH IS AMAZING ANY TIME! It’s always the right size and color and there’s no need to return it if it doesn’t work out!

There you have it, friends! 31 gifts for 31 years! 31 gift ideas for the women in your life, perfect for the holiday or other life celebrations. As I’ve mentioned before, I would be happy to receive any of these gifts personally, but I hope they inspire some of your holiday gift giving this year and in the future!

Happy last-minute shopping! 🙂

What would you add to this list? Have you ever received any of these gifts?

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