Monthly Moments – Summer 2020

Monthly Moments 2020

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Friends, it’s September. Let’s get spooky. Not gonna rant about 2020. We all have enough thoughts and feelings about it – so I am gonna drop it there.

But, trying to make the most of a summer in Indiana was pretty ok. Lots of lovely evenings, HEAT and A/C, one woman parades down Mass Ave, long hours of work (of all kinds), global pandemic – just another typical summer! 🙂 Except no, being in Indy instead of Fryeburg has been a nice change of pace. I do miss all of my camp kiddos and staffers, but 2021 will be here before we know it.

I’m trying a little something new with the Monthly Moments section I’ve started (but recently neglected), so enjoy some of my highlights all wrapped up into one short post!

Five Things I’m Loving

  • Visiting the athletic trainers at Myo-Fit Mobility & Therapy. If you know me, you know something on me is always cracking, popping, and snapping. I swear that I’m made of plastic sometimes! If you’re training for an event or you’re just suffering some aches and pains from working out a lot, these guys are amazing! I went in for some dry needling for RELENTLESS trigger points in my upper back, and the results were remarkable. Meghan is your person!
  • Singing in the Opera in the Park Concert last night with the Indianapolis Opera. A socially-distanced opera concert! It’s been great singing again and especially singing with other people.
  • My plants are EXPLODING. Seriously, all of them (minus the peperomia – seriously hanging on by leaf) have outgrown all of their pots! I had to make a run to the store to buy more soil and bigger pots because they won’t stop growing!
  • Reaching one year of workouts at Eat the Frog Fitness on Mass Ave! I started last year as one of their founding frog members, and this week marks the studio’s first anniversary! I’ve always enjoyed movement and being active, but making fitness a habit (at least 3x a week) has been great for my sanity.
  • Taking classes on Coursera. I’m not the type to sit idle and be bored, so why not learn some stuff!? You can literally take specific college-level courses for free. Foreign languages, science, art, design, etc. and if you need credits, you can usually upgrade for a certificate from an actual accredited institution. Check it out, especially if you’re exploring new paths during the pandemic – you might find something you like!

Five Things I’m Reading/Watching/Listening To

  • Love Life on HBO Max – This series with Anna Kendrick is my latest obsession. It’s a series that traces the romantic endeavors of Darby (played by Kendrick) over several years – high school, the early twenties, motherhood. It’s all there, and it’s well done.
  • Boys State on Apple TV+ – I went to Girls State as a high school student – so I was already predisposed to love this documentary! I was even my party’s candidate for the Superintendent of Public Instruction, so I was invested quickly. You’ll either be inspired by their passionate stances or horrified that these teenagers are just years from becoming adults that will have voting rights in our communities. Take your chances, but I loved it.
  • Class Action Park on HBO Max – This is INSANE. It makes you seriously question theme parks and their standards, but I was fascinated that a place like this continued to operate for so long.
  • Deeper than Money with Chloe Elise – I love Chloe’s no-nonsense real-life approach to money situations. There’s a ton of people out there who are like “you should do this, you should do that,” but Chloe is so much more realistic.
  • Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow by Dr. Jan Pol – I got obsessed with Dr. Pol during the total lockdown. I think I binged every episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol on Disney+. When I found out there was a book, I had to check it out from the library.

Things I’m Eating

  • I’m still deep into my CSA season, and I’m always overflowing with vegetables of all kinds. And if I can’t eat them fast enough, they’re going in the freezer.
  • Making Borlotti Bean, Sweet Corn & Tomato Late Summer Stew – with all the goodies from my CSA.
  • Mori Sushi – It’s just south of Mass Ave, and it doesn’t break your wallet. Every single thing I’ve tried from there is freaking delicious. So head down there or order it on GrubHub. It’s worth trying!
  • King Dough Pizza. ‘Nuff said. Pork & Pine. Stinky Pete. Go eat those things and love your life.

Things I Need to Do

  • We all know that I try to be as minimal as possible, and well, I’ve got plenty of things that need to be donated in a pile. I’ve got a box for Indy Animal Control, the Julian Center, and I’m even hoarding some books at the moment that I intend to drop when I can get to the new Indy Reads Books.
  • Place my grocery order. Now that I’ve had all of my groceries delivered for the past six months, I don’t think I’ll ever go back! Instacart is my JAM!
  • I’m hunting for a new TV stand. Anyone see any they like? All of the ones I keep seeing on IKEA’s website ARE SOLD OUT. Every single one I want = sold out.
  • Get my fall on. I always have a bucket list of fall things that I love to do that I don’t ever get around to, but this year…I really want to!

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • Making fall travel plans! 🙂 Fingers crossed, but I’m planning to get out of the state for a few days.
  • Knocking out a lot of fun client content in the next few weeks.
  • Getting my Biden-Harris sign for my balcony!

That’s a wrap for summer heading into fall! Fall is legit my favorite season because the heat will eventually subside, and I can have my windows open 24/7 – my favorite! I’m ready to wear boots, jeans, and flannel. Lezzzzzzgo!

Tell me in the comments: What are you eating, reading, listening to, etc.? I’d love to hear from you!

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