Get #VoteReady on National Voter Registration Day!

#VoteReady National Voter Registration Day

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You’re registered to vote, right?
You’ve double-checked that your registration is up-to-date, right?

If your answer is no to either question, today is the perfect day for you to change that answer to yes and make your 2020 voting plans!

Today, September 22nd is National Voter Registration Day, and it’s essential to register to vote. Every year, there are millions of eligible voters of all ages who can’t make their voices heard because their registrations are out of date, they’ve missed the registration deadline, or the BMV didn’t update their registration, etc. – there’s a mess of reasons why eligible voters aren’t voting. When this happens, these unregistered voters become aloof and disinterested in the whole election process.

Days like today exist for people to bridge the gap of being eligible to vote, then registering to vote, and then actually making the trip to the polls! Being #VoteReady is more than just being registered to vote. It’s making sure you know where to vote, who’s on the ballot, and where to find reliable election information. I’ll be sharing some resources below, so make sure to check them out!

In America, it’s our right! It’s a privilege. Free elections don’t always occur in every country across the globe. People have died to give us this right to vote. Your vote is bigger than you – it affects your local community, your state, and your country as a whole. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to cast a vote. Your vote elects the leaders that decide on your health care, taxes, immigration, education, and so many more small things that affect us every day. It’s your opportunity to tell the government how to work for you – so don’t miss out.

Thanks to COVID-19, many DMVs and GOTV canvassing initiatives were shut down. That alone has made it more difficult for voters to get registered or even asked if they want to register to vote!

So, today’s the day to get it together and make sure that you are #VoteReady! With 41 days until Election Day, it’s imperative to make sure everything is in place for you to vote.

Kelsee B Hankins National Voter Registration Day

Register to Vote or Check Registration

I suggest checking out the resources at to register to vote or check your registration. They also offer help for each state – free and non-partisan!

Make a Plan

Once you’re registered, figure out how and when you want to vote. Whether that’s by mail, in-person early voting, or you want to brave the lines on Election Day. Know where to go and when to do it! Make sure you have a current ID as well.

Know What’s on Your Ballot

Before you head to the polls, I always suggest taking a look at the ballot before you go in so that you’re not surprised, and you don’t have to spend any more time inside the voting booth than necessary! has a quiz that may help you decide where you land on the political spectrum, and Vote411 has an excellent resource for finding out who’s on your ballot and any important resolutions being voted on for the election in your community.

Have you done all of that? Ready to take the next step and help others vote? GOOD!

Election sites across America are always looking for poll workers and election staff. You can sign up to work election day in your community at Power the Polls. I personally do this (inspector, here!) because I love making sure that everyone gets the opportunity to vote. It’s cool to have the chance to see all the moving pieces really come together on Election Day. If handling the front lines on Election Day isn’t for you, I highly suggest reaching out to your local election board (you can Google “[your city name or county] election board) to see if they have any needs that aren’t out at the polls. They may need help on Election Day or the days leading up to the election sorting ballots, picking up mail, etc. Call and ask!

Kelsee B Hankins National Voter Registration Day

It’s one day, people. One day to get out there and make your voice heard! Elections are decided by the people who go out and vote. Elections have consequences, and they affect not just you, but your entire community!

Make 2020 the biggest year for voter turnout! If you have further questions about voting, your state’s website, and any of the websites I’ve linked in this post are GREAT and thorough resources!

Happy National Voter Registration Day!

FUN FACT: I’ve never missed an election since I was 18! As soon as I turned 18, I was pumped! When I couldn’t vote in 2004…I WAS SAD. Now, I don’t miss out.

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