Recap: My Experience with Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy experience

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I’ve always been the type that juggles a lot of plates and wears 20 different hats from day-to-day. Because I’ve always desired to do so much, often sitting down to focus on one thing at a time can be extremely difficult. I may be doing one thing, but I’m already preparing for the five things that I have to do tomorrow. Not to mention that I’m a master procrastinator who thrives in “the rush” to complete things…for no reason, but then I’ll get angry with myself for waiting when I didn’t really need to wait. I always get the recurring thoughts of “I should be doing this…” or “I should do X now so that I can do X later…” Lots of the infamous “coulda, woulda, shoulda” can happen if I’m not actively thinking about it.

Doing all the things sometimes can take an insane amount of motivation. Sometimes, that’s lacking over here. When that happens, the procrastination machine comes on. I’m perfectly capable of doing all the things that I want and have to do, but the drive doesn’t always show up. When it does show up, I can basically be a machine to getting stuff done. I know the things that I want, and I get them done, but it can often be at the expense of a lot of other things. So, enter hypnotherapy with Gracia Gillund.

Gracia approached me a while ago about learning more about Rapid Transformational Therapy and what it does for changing unwanted behaviors and habits. So needless to say, I was pretty excited to give it a try and see if RTT hypnotherapy could make a difference in how I manage my time and work/life priorities.

I was completely new to the idea of “hypnosis.” I don’t consider myself “able to be hypnotized.” I’ve been picked for those cheesy shows where people get hypnotized live, and it never works on me, so I really didn’t have serious expectations about it as a whole.

Gracia’s process is VERY DIFFERENT. It’s not performance-style hypnosis at all. It’s more conversational, and you get a copy to keep using long after your session. It’s not the stage-kind of hypnosis that’s funny to watch, and you won’t be doing silly bits or anything. NOT AT ALL.

How It Works

If you’re experiencing blocks of pretty much any kind (there’s an extensive list of issues and experiences that Gracia works with – anxiety, achieving goals, confidence, memory, stress, phobias, etc.), this might be an avenue for you to consider. And in the long term, it’s cheaper than conventional therapy (and we all know I’m NOT knocking therapy).

From her website, you schedule a consultation to learn about what she does. You’ll also fill out a survey so you can pinpoint some specific things that you want to work on. You have to do a little homework to get you in the right brain-space; it’s short audio that you listen to on your own as you prep for your own RTT hypnosis session.

Her FAQ page answers most common questions!

The Hypnosis

The session is probably the coolest part! I was definitely curious about doing it, but a little unsure of how it all worked, but Gracia is a trooper! She makes it all so easy. I never once felt out of control or anything, but just really relaxed moving through the process. The process can uncover some intense memories and triggers, and it did that for me, but it was more enlightening than anything else. Things I wouldn’t have thought of being mental blocks and barriers to the things that I’m trying to accomplish came right out, and we were able to reframe them quickly.

The Aftermath

As part of the hypnosis session, a track is recorded with customized audio just for you. It takes the best parts of your session, and as you listen to it on repeat, it helps solidify these new beliefs in your subconscious mind! It’s wild how easy it is to make things “stick” once you commit to listening to it every day. I noticed pretty significant shifts in my daily focus and productivity. Then, if I start to catch my attention and drive beginning to slip, I’ve been able to listen to the track again and get back to what I’m working on instead.

When I first got the track, I listened to it at night while I was trying to fall asleep. Lately, I’ve chosen to listen to it in the mornings right after I wake up, so I’m not crashing around first thing in the morning. Find the time that works best for you!

FUN FACT: In the next year, Gracia is releasing a series of hypnosis related stories and music geared towards children that help them gain confidence and overcome fears and obstacles through awareness, and the use of their mind, and their imagination. I think that’s something that I could recommend to a lot of kiddos that need help boosting confidence or facing day-to-day stressors. Keep your eyes on her website if you want the updates for their release!


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) with Gracia was a really cool experience. I never thought it would be something I’d buy into or find useful, but our minds do so much. Sometimes, you need a boost or some support to push through limiting beliefs and blocks that you might not see on your own, and this was a perfect opportunity to do just that! If you’re looking for something that feels like a way to make your brain work for you again instead of being caught up in all of life’s “stuff,” a session with Gracia would be highly recommended.

If you made it this far, Gracia is so kindly offering 20% off a session, if you mention you saw this post! You can book with her directly online via her website, or check her out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: Would you try hypnosis/RTT? Are you curious about it? I’d love to hear about your experiences if you try it!

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