What I Packed for Summer Camp in 2021

Packed for Camp Kelsee B Hankins

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You may or may not know just how much I love working at summer camps. It’s my thing. After being away in 2020, I was so ready to dive back in this summer. Even with new rules and restrictions happening this year, I’m still so glad to be back out here in Fryeburg, Maine working with my middle schoolers, teaching drama, writing, and having loads of fun!

Since I’ve been away, I’m sharing some of my favorite items that I’ve packed (or purchased) specifically for this summer! I’ve already shared my must-have items for summer camp counselors, but this is more niched down for this year.

Without further ado, here’s some of what I packed for Summer 2021!

Combination Lock Box

I can’t believe I actually didn’t have one of these before. I have a camp locker for valuables, computers, etc., but I don’t always have time to run and put small things in it. So I purchased this to store meds, vitamins, my phone, and other small odds and ends. Plus, it looks cute and is easily stored.

Clean Towels by Clean Skin Club

Yes, these things are amazing. Basically, they’re biodegradable and compostable one-time use face towels made of fibers from eucalyptus plantations. I stocked up on a mix of the Bamboo XL and the regular 25 Count Clean Towels. At summer camp, the bathrooms can always be a bit damp, so having clean face cloths makes a huge difference in the summer. Plus, since these are disposable (and not so bad for the environment), they’re easy to grab for removing makeup (or face paint), cleaning your makeup brushes or mirrors, and they don’t have to sit and dry out – use and dispose of. I also have their Clean Slate Clearing Mist that I use daily.

Try Clean Towels by Clean Skin Club for 10% off! Use code ‘KELSEEH’ when you check out!

Javy Iced Coffee Concentrate

Time MOVES at camp! I’m so serious. When I say I’m busy and on the go at camp, I really mean it. If you’re awake, you’re usually working. That said, that doesn’t always mean you can run out and get coffee, and we all know that cafeteria coffee can be ahem weak, so enter Javy! Fill up your cup with ice, water, or even milk, add 1-2 tsp of the concentrate, add sweetener or cream and enjoy! 2 minutes and done!

Try Javy Coffee Concentrate for 20% off at this link!

Tesalate Beach Towel

This is a summer camp game changer! Typically, I bring regular beach and bath towels to camp. Nope, no longer will that be the case! I was gifted a Tesalate towel earlier this spring, and I’ve loved using it at camp. The towels are sand-free (or, at my camp, pine needle-free), rapid dry, ultra-absorbent, and they fold up super small for easy packing. I also love that they have a hook to make hang drying simpler. I’m also a fan of the variety of patterns they offer. Plus, these would also make AMAZING hot yoga towels to protect your mats. 10/10 would recommend the investment.

Aloha Collection Pouches

If you like packing cubes, I have to suggest these. I love these for packing organization, but I also love that they are waterproof! You can use them (instead of plastic baggies) for packing toiletries or transporting wet items. I also like the fun patterns, so I’ll use the smallest pouch as a wristlet purse sometimes, too. I was turned on to these by The Tipsy New Englander, and I haven’t looked back since.

Get $20 towards your first purchase of $80 or more at this link!

Air Mattress

I have one of these EVERY year, but this year I had to invest in a new one. I can’t do the standard cot mattress (I’ll never sleep), so I throw an air mattress on top, and it makes everything better.

Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens

Most of the time at summer camp, the menu is geared specifically towards the kids, and my stomach isn’t always on board with that. So, I add a greens supplement. I prefer to drink green juice, so this powdered version is super easy to add to my daily routine. Pour a scoop into 10-12oz. of water and BOOM – a drink full of minerals and fiber. I also love their pre-workouts, but it’s not a camp necessity…usually.

Get $20 off your first Transparent Labs purchase at this link!

Pit Liquor Natural Deodorants

Seriously WHO KNEW that vodka and whiskey made outstanding deodorants? NOT ME until I started stocking up on these! I’ve NEVER had a scent that I didn’t like, and the packaging is always sustainable! Vegan, toxin-free, gluten-free, paragon-free, and basically free of anything that’s not really good for you. Plus, it held up on the random 90°+ days that we get out here in Maine randomly. I also find that I don’t use NEARLY as much, so it lasts forever. Big fan!

Get $12.95 off your first order at this link!


Who else out there has horrendous feet? Mine are flat, often cranky, and I usually avoid wearing sneakers as much as possible. My feet like to be free! This year, I invested in solid Birkenstock sandals to wear. After the initial breaking-in period, I was set. Again, these aren’t cheap, but I do recommend them if you’re prone to foot problems and you like to avoid sneakers.


Ok, I avoided the fitness tracker wagon for a long time. I’ve always just had my phone track my steps since I take it everywhere anyway, but I’ve fallen down a dark hole with my WHOOP and I want to take you with me! 🙂 This wearable collects your data 24/7 to help you know just how much sleep you should be getting and what your optimal exertion level should be from day to day…and I’m shook. I’m not going back. I’ve learned a lot about how I sleep and how much I actually need over these last few weeks. Trying this out at camp was actually a cool idea!

Get a free WHOOP strap and your first month free when you join with my link here!

So yeah, I packed some fun things to use this summer! I’m always intrigued by things people pack for trips & getaways, so I’m glad I did this short round-up! Who knows, I might put another one together for this summer!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: What would you pack for summer camp? Any of my items surprise you?

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